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If fiction stories are your thing, Postknight is the perfect plot for you. Download Postknight and have fun on exciting expeditions in the Kurestal kingdom; a picturesque kingdom and full of many locals who will give you different rewards.

This is the story of a mailman in medieval times; this begins an adventure full of confrontations, decisions and rewards.

When you download Postknight you will be impressed with the amount of colors and good graphics that this app brings for you. His characters are adorable even though they are not all your friends.

As you progress through the game you will learn the tricks to keep the mail gentleman. You will be protected during fights, with armor that you must select to use strategically.

Discover Postknight, a very good game for children and adults

Postknight is a role-playing game where you must guide your main character. It is a strategy game in which you must do everything to protect the gentleman of the mail.

Selecting skills with the bonuses you receive with each delivery or fight you make will help you improve your combat style.

Download Postknight and travel through different towns and cities. On these trips you will have the opportunity to collect special items; like the walnut trunk, the copper ore, a hojaceru, a potion bottle and the gems that are extremely important in the game.

In each level you will have to face a pack of wolves that will grow and become more dangerous and an enemy. This will be the moment where your suit and shield will put you to the test.

In Postknight you will also get characters that live in the village and will help you improve your defense suits. You will also receive a star each time you complete your mission to deliver letters.

Download Postknight and have fun with this surprising app full of adventure of medieval times. We recommend Postknight because it seems like a very simple game that ends up having many surprises and getting excited about what can happen.

Each element that you decide to use to improve the appearance of the gentleman of mail will make your resistance, defense and magic vulnerability modified. The shields are an essential weapon that you must improve in each level to avoid falling back when you receive impacts.

An interesting anecdote of the game is that it has a series of maidens who fall in love with the mail gentleman and can help you with your lives or with extremely useful gifts. To receive these presents you must make gifts so that the bottle of hearts of each one increases.

How to download Postknight?

On Google Play and the App Store you’ll find Postknight for free for Android and IOS. It is an app that claims to have a capacity of 1 GB of RAM or more for its proper functioning.

Get ready to undertake the adventure of your life following your instincts and putting all your strategies to win. Below we leave the link for you to download Postknight.

The evolution of the gentleman of the mail is remarkable and positive in the confrontations of each level; but this evolution requires time and patience. In games like Postknight you learn to manage the tools you have to survive; the money you earn you know how to invest it and you learn how to fight.

Enjoy simple games that have a lot to contribute; and get the maximum level of the game by improving your skills after each game.

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