I am sure that when you were younger you used to have a Tamagotchi.  If you don’t know what is that then you are probably too young. The videogame Pou is an actual version of a Tamagotchi created in 1996 in Japan. Pou is a virtual pet created by Paul Slameh in 2016; this little pet will give hours of fun to children and adults. Thanks to this the app became very popular and it is one of the most downloaded apps on the play store; it is even translated in 16 languages. If you want to download Pou, here we show you everything you need to know.

Interactions on Pou

When you download Pou you have to take care of your own Pou pet. The design of Pou is based on a potato; but you can personalize the appearance of your pet and the rooms where it lives; and depending of the room you can make different interactions.

In the kitchen you can see the different kinds of food (fruits, vegetables, candies, etc) and you have to feed your Pou. Of course you have to buy the food. In the bathroom you can clean your pet; it includes a shower and soap. Your pet also needs to sleep; it can do this in the bedroom where there is a lamp that you can turn on or off. The living room is the perfect place to interact, you can chat and you can record your voice and Pou will repeat it with a funny and cute voice. In the backyard you can play soccer with it and even you have a garden with flowers that you have to water every day. In here the sky changes depending on the hour. The lab is the room where you can create different potions to make your Pou feel great.

How to download Pou

To download Pou and have this amazing and funny app is really easy. If you are an Android user and you are reading this on your smartphone or tablet, you have to go to the top of this page and click the button “Download”. Then tap it and install it. In the case that you are reading this on your computer, you can go above on this page and click on the same button. After this you will get an APK; you need to transfer this file to your device and then install it.

Your last option is to visit the Google Play, search for Pou and download it. In the case that you use iOS, you can visit the app store and here search for Pou and install it. If you want to do it from your computer, you can open the iTunes program. In here open the app store, search for Pou app and then connect your device and synchronize it.

As you can see Pou is a really funny game. If you love pets but in real life you can’t have one, this app is made for you. Download Pou, personalize it and enjoy taking care of your own pet, watching him grown without having to let go your devices.

Video of Pou
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