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If what you are looking for is an entertaining action game, Power Hover is perfect for you. Dare to defy gravity while helping the robot hero to chase down a terrible villain who has stolen the batteries that power the villages. Get on the hoverboard and start this fantastic adventure. Download Power Hover right now.

Download Power Hover on any of your mobile devices and discover the amazing graphics of this great Oddrok title; the Finnish study that has brought us other incredible titles. Do not miss the opportunity to play the 35 levels full of surprises and discover your skill on a hoverboard.

Power Hover is a very interesting game

One of the greatest qualities of this game is its graphics, not only the detail and the color palette make you enjoy an incredible trip. The complexity of the levels progresses and with them you discover new scenarios that play with the perspective, the dimensions, the patterns and the delicate camera movements that complete the experience.

If the graphic aspect plays an important role in the gameplay of the title, you can not leave the soundtrack aside. The original pieces created by The Retry Musician Ted Striker provide enough quality to take the experience to another level. Nothing better accompanies a well-designed landscape than the perfect soundtrack.

These two aspects accompany a story of adventure focused as an epic mission but from the solitude of the reckless robot. A premise that makes this title intriguing. Do not miss the opportunity to download Power Hover to discover this fascinating and very well assembled somewhat dystopian universe.

The gameplay is quite simple; you must press on the right or left side of the screen to direct the robot towards the blue batteries or if you need to avoid an obstacle. As soon as you download the game, it only starts, you start with a tutorial that explains how to play and then shows you the story so you can start the adventure.

How to download Power Hover

You can download Power Hover on any of your devices whether they are Android or iOS. This app is available in the App Store and In the Play Store. It is a free download app and within it you can make a certain type of purchase. Be the hero of this story and spend hours playing. Below we leave the link so you can download Power Hover.

A detail that can’t go unnoticed is the ingenious way in which developers involve the player with the story. So that this advance you will not have to simply touch the screen, but you will have to pay attention to understand the keys that pretend to be shown.

For example, at the beginning of the story they show you a light bulb on with a switch on the side, while you are describing the importance of electricity. To move forward, you must lower the switch.

As expected in the titles of today, Power Hover can’t leave out the interaction with other users. Download Power Hover right now to start playing this game.

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Power Hover

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