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If you like games for mobile devices with a simple theme that can easily entertain you, this game that we will present below will be ideal for you. Enjoy everything Prison Planet has to offer right now, build your own intergalactic prison and start playing right now. Download Prison Planet now and start playing.

Prison Planet is an amazing game that will let you let your imagination fly and create your own aliens of many colors and shapes. You can enjoy everything this game has for you very easily by downloading this app right now. Do not miss the opportunity to play a game as simple and fun as this. Prison Planet is waiting for you right now.

If you want to know more about this fun game, keep reading this post. Now we tell you how you can play Prison Planet, how to download the app and all the surprises you will find when you start playing. Prison Planet is a very fun game especially for children, enjoy everything this game has for you.

Start collecting aliens and play fun games

The funniest thing you can do when downloading Prison Planet is to download a large collection of different aliens. You can start your collection when you start playing, and you will continue to get more fun creatures to collect. Once you have your creatures you can start playing minigames.

The best thing about these mini-games is that you can design the jail yourself. Place the blocks and walls where you want to have a prison different from the others. None of the players will have the same prison, everyone can create a different prison.

Finally you can play other games in each of the jail rooms you have created. You can play minisoccer, memory games and much more. Download Prison Planet right now and start enjoying everything this fantastic app has for you. Do not miss the opportunity to play this fun game.

How to download Prison Planet?

If you want to start playing this fun game you can download Prison Planet right now. To download this app you only have to go to Google Play if you have an Android device or App Store if you have an iOS device. To enjoy everything this app has for you can go to the end of this post and find a link to download Prison Planet easily.

One of the best things about this app is that you can use it without an internet connection and it’s completely free. The app includes ads but you should not make any purchases within the app. Start playing Prison Planet right now and collect all the aliens.

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Prison Planet

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