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The developers of Zeptolab arrive with a game full of puzzles. Pudding Monsters, a fun-filled game where you must help a group of small gelatinous monsters flee the fridge and go to the city to find a lost friend. Download Pudding Monsters to play this fun game.

To be able to help these little monsters that are each displayed around the screen. You must try to unite them in order to turn them into a great monster. This game is really funny and is great for children and adults.

As the game progresses you will find different types of monsters with different purposes that in turn will help you work as a team. Download Pudding Monsters and have fun building adorable little monsters as if it were a Lego game.

Pudding Monsters is a very fun and cute game

Pudding Monsters is a game that really surprises you as you unblock the levels. First, to level up you must try to get the three corresponding stars that will give coins to unlock the higher levels.

How to get these stars? It is very simple and fun. The key is to know the function of each of the different monsters and thus mobilize correctly on each of the stars.

The main monsters are red; you must get each of them to join others without leaving the game screen. The green monsters leave a sticky drool when moving; which is very helpful because you can move the reds after the green slime without flying off the board.

When you download Pudding Monsters you will realize that it is a game in terms of design with very friendly visuals where each element is full of color. Also some of the monsters stand out with some mustache, hat or pajamas if you are sleeping during the game.

Something curious about Pudding Monsters is that the real challenge begins when you finish unlocking the levels. Here you really start playing to get the crowns in each level.

For that you must obtain the three stars of each of the levels, and this is where you must start your strategies when playing. Would you be able to get the best score in each level?

Do not miss this fun and adorable game that is as delicious as it is addictive. Download Pudding Monsters on your smartphone or tablet.

How to download Pudding Monsters?

You can download Pudding Monsters on your iOS and Android devices at the App Store and Google Play stores. It is a free download app that offers some elements that you can pay with real money.

Laugh with the funny language of the adorable monsters and download this incredible game for hours of fun.

Do not forget to enjoy this title of Zeptolab and stick to the screen of your smartphone. Create the biggest monster and manage to escape to the city.

Save your sticky friends and be the winner in this great game. If you want to download Pudding Monsters, at the end of this post we leave you the link.


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Pudding Monsters

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