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To keep our minds active and have fun it is always good to have a trivia game on our mobile devices. But if you have already tried many games of this type and are bored of always answering the same questions, we have the perfect solution for you. Quizup is an app that allows you to upload your own questions and answer the questions of thousands of users around the world. Download Quizup right now and start discovering everything this app has for you.

Quizup is an amazing game that will never stop surprising you. In this game you can find trivia of absolutely every topic you can imagine. Users of this app can upload their questions and answers on any topic of interest for other users to answer. Start having fun and learn many things with this interactive app. Do not miss the opportunity to have this game.

If you want to know how to download Quizup and how to play with this fabulous tool, read this post. Right now we tell you how to create your own quiz so that thousands of users around the world can answer them. Do not miss the opportunity to interact with people of the world who have your same interests.

Create your own questions and answer all the trivia you can

This amazing app combines the best of trivia games and social networks, so you can answer all kinds of questions and meet people from all over the world. This game gives you the possibility to find any topic that interests you and answer trivias about it. Thousands of users around the world use this app to have fun and learn.

You can mainly do two things within the app. If what you like is to answer trivias and you are tired of answering the same questions you can always get hundreds of trivias topics to answer. Simply go to the categories section and choose one that interests you, you can start answering thousands of trivas of that category in seconds.

But if you like to do the trivias you can start doing all the trivias you want very easily in the create trivia section. You can add images to your questions and up to 4 answer options.

Download Quizup right now and discover everything this app has for you. You can even chat with the people who answer your trivia to make new friends.

How to download Quizup?

Start creating or answering trivia right now using Quizup. Download Quizup very easily from Google Play for Android devices and from the App Store for iOS devices. At the end of this post we have left a link to download this fantastic app on any of your devices.

Quizup is a free app, but to play you must have an internet connection. Do not miss out on exploring this amazing app if you are a fan of trivia and answering questions. You can even use this app to study important topics and create study sheets, start enjoying Quizup right now.

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