We currently have different types of file formats that in many cases are not easy to view on different mobile devices. The vast majority of files are easy to view in Windows. The good thing about this is that thanks to technological progress we have new options so that this is not a barrier. Download RAR to open files on your Android.

RAR is an app that will help us to compress and decompress files in RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7z, ISO and ARJ formats. Extracting these types of documents and opening them to work with them directly will be very easy thanks to this app that we can download for free on Android.

Discover all that RAR brings for you

Creating RAR and ZIP files is entirely possible in this app. We can also repair our files that are damaged. Other options such as creating a file will be divided into levels, from the basics to an advanced level.

In this way we can choose the type of file we want, create a password, have solid files and even select the type of compression we need.

This app also allows us to work with our compressed files, create new ones easily from its interface. All we have to do is select what we want to compress, put a name and attach a password that we can remember.

In this way we will have that file saved in the memory of the device that we are using and you can also share it.

Being inside the app, we will see a tab called options. Here we can do a variety of actions such as file compression testing. Use the BLAKE2 tester, show the time it takes to compress a file that is being created. You can create separate files of their elements and also choose masks for the name of your files.

The interface of this app is quite simple and has been very intuitive for the user; It does not matter if he is a beginner. You can do all the functions you want as well as an advanced one. We will have the option to customize our style, either dark to use at night or day mode for the day.

How to download RAR?

You can download RAR in Google Play for Android only for free. Use this amazing tool that can get you out of a jam at anytime from anywhere quickly and easily. Below we leave the link to download RAR.

RAR makes everything easier for us and that is why they decided to add files to favorites so that you can add these files that you use frequently much faster. If we slide our navigation bar to the left side of the screen we can use this option.

Like we can use the search bar to get a file just by typing a keyword in the search engine.

Download RAR because it will help you use all kinds of file formats when you least expect it. It is a very useful app for compressing files that we have wanted to use from our mobile device.

The app is available in several languages ​​to bail out anyone. Download RAR right now.

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