If you are a fan of magazines and also like to read them again and again from beginning to end, we have an incredible recommendation for you. This is Readly, an app with an interface similar to Netflix or Spotify in terms of its objective. Download Readly on your Smartphone right now.

This app is responsible for giving you access through a subscription to thousands of journals of different categories, languages ​​and parts of the world.

It is a wonderful app if you do not have space to have hundreds and hundreds of magazines. It is a solution to enjoy those free moments to the maximum reading what you like most from one place. Readly is an option that you can share with your friends or family by making just one subscription.

How to download Readly?

Readly is an app that gathers more than 3000 magazines from all over the world in one place. So your users will have unlimited access through your monthly subscription. This option can pleasantly surprise the followers of the most popular publishers internationally; since the quality of the images leaves nothing to envy to the physical magazine.

We know that we can’t compare the experience of reading a book or magazine in physics with mobile devices; but seeing the positive side of this app, it is important to highlight the good quality of the content and its dynamic and easy to use interface. In addition, the minimalist design of the app is pleasing to the user’s eye.

You can download Readly from the App Store or Google Play for IOS and Android for free. This is your trial version for 14 days, and then you must opt ​​for the paid subscription; in this five people can access the same account. Below we leave the link to download Readly.

Readly is an amazing app to read all kinds of magazines

The tools we have available at the time of reading our magazine are incredible and of great use. This is appreciated, since no other option is available. At the moment of reading and passing the images we can activate the option of rotation in our device. So we will have a double-page view to make the experience even more similar as if we had the magazine in physical form.

We will also find a kind of timeline where we can see predetermined thumbnails of following pages. Another of the wonderful options of the page brand; if there is an article that we want to see then we only add a tab and we will easily get it at another time.

The last option but just as important is the one that allows us to share directly from the app to other apps. And we can also choose to print or save in PDF the pages that we want with the same quality. Being able to directly save an article, an image or any element that has seemed important to us is something incredible.

In addition to finding your favorite magazines you can explore among the magazines that are in trend; or even some categories that you have not read before and manage to catch you as a reader. Readly allows you to read even if you are offline which is amazing if you are on a very long flight and want to read your favorite magazines.

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