Previously in the world of the Internet reigned blogs and forums. Today we have Reddit that is not specifically a forum; but that has certain features that will make you remember those conversation sites. Download Reddit to have this amazing app on your Smartphone.

Within Reddit, users can search for information, leave comments, read comments from other people. Or simply be part of a debate about various topics.

On this website the users can publish content and links to external pages. This will make it possible for other users to visit them. Now you can have all the features of Reddit on your Smartphone to use it whenever you want.

Reddit is one of the largest internet communities

By using this website we will not find a discussion of a specific topic; but we will have access to hundreds of topics that a large community is dealing with. Here we will get certain categories where the topics called subreddit are subdivided. Upon entering we will see a short summary of the most commented topics, as a kind of main feed.

These most popular topics are controlled by users; and by the importance that they give to certain topics through votes. A relevant feature is that users can share links, videos and even images. In these they can develop a kind of threads of comments by other users.

We must be careful with the type of content we publish, since we must remember that other users will vote for them, in favor or against. If many people vote in favor, they will make our content popular on the platform; but if they vote against it, they will not be able to appear easily before other users.

If we are faithful users of Reddit we must know some terms that are necessary to know inside the app. The first one is Karma; this refers to the score that a user gains depending on their comments or contributions; and also to the number of votes that have obtained some publication made.

Another important term for those who want a premium experience is Reddit Gold. Here you will get benefits such as being able to deactivate ads and even create a personalized avatar. This premium version is not something you need to be able to use the app like any other person, it’s just a plus. Download Reddit to start living the experience.

How to download Reddit?

You can download Reddit in the App Store and in Google Play for IOS and Android for free. Take advantage of this app full of information of all kinds that can be useful to solve all kinds of unknowns and that in turn will let you know people from all over the world. Below we leave the link to download Reddit.

To achieve a positive experience in Reddit it is important to be the rules of the platform. You must use it correctly so as not to bother other users. It is advisable to participate as much as possible; either by joining subreddits, commenting on posts and sharing good content.

By using Reddit you will be able to connect with many people worldwide. Maybe the content you share will be very helpful for other users and the tickets they get will save you from a bind at any time. Download Reddit right now.

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