Reigns Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has become one of the most popular series and views of all time. The plot and quality of its production catch anyone. That is why we have the reproduction of this plot in video games and games of all kinds. This is why you must download Reigns Game of Thrones on your Smartphone.

It also happens within the Reigns saga; who this time brings us the narrative of George RR Martin in a game full of intrigue. Here you will have to make a series of decisions in order to survive. It brings us a game dynamic that will remind us a lot of the interface of the social network Tinder undoubtedly.

Reigns Game of Thrones is a game that you must try

The dynamics of this videogame is based on the discarding and choosing a series of options that are presented. You must make decisions by sliding the letter to the left as a no and right as a yes.

This series of proposals made by the kingdom cause certain repercussions in the church, the people and even in the economy. The objective of each level is that we make decisions all the time; and this will also affect four basic characteristics to keep us well.

Even though we can make the decisions we want and see where they take us, the game assumes that you reflect on your actions.

The trick of this game is in the logic and strategies that you use to maintain the balance between these four pillars with each decision.

At the beginning of the game and as some king dies you will have the option of choosing who sits on the iron throne; whether Daenerys, Cersei, Sansa, Tyrion and others.

Losing the balance of our kingdom will be inevitable; either because we suffer a coup d’etat by the army or that we run out of money.

As we advance new characters and challenges will be unlocked. This will help us weigh one of our fundamental pillars. For this we can start a loving relationship that makes us raise the level of religion; or meet different challenges to get treasures and improve our economy.

If any user of this app has not previously seen the series will have no problems in continuing the narrative presented. The only thing is that we can possibly miss certain keys alluding to the series; and that could be of help to make certain decisions.

How to download Reigns Game of Thrones?

You can download this app on Google Play and the App Store for Android and IOS for free. Surprise yourself in this strategy game that draws the best out of one of the most acclaimed series in history. Below we leave you the link to download Reigns Game of Thrones.

We recommend you to download Reigns Game of thrones. Surprise yourself with a very simple game but full of depth and responsibility; but never leaving the fun aside. In addition to being an adaptation of the original incredible series that for the most fanatical will be a complete gift.

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