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If you are a guy in the 80s or 90s, you surely love games for retro-looking mobile devices. And as we love retro games we want to recommend an amazing game of planes and shots that will make you have fun for hours. Retro Shooting is an amazing game inspired by the first video games that will make you live a lot of emotion from simplicity. Download Retro Shooting right now and start having fun with this amazing game.

Retro Shooting is an amazing game that has captured the attention of thousands of players worldwide. In this game you must annihilate your enemies by shooting them from your plane, but the more you play the enemies become bigger and harder to defeat. Start playing right now and discover everything that this amazing app has for you. Will you be able to get the highest score? Find out right now.

If you want to start enjoying everything this game has for you, we invite you to continue reading this post. Right now we show you how to download Retro Shooting and how to play this fun game on your mobile device. Enjoy everything that this game has for you right now.

Live the fun of a retro game on your Smartphone

A few decades ago the boys spent hours and hours in the arcades playing this kind of games, and the biggest challenge of all was to get the highest score. If you like games of this type, this game will become one of your favorites. Retro Shooting is an arcade game that has been brought to the modernity of Smartphones or tablets.

With this game you must control a plane and shoot your enemies to eliminate them while dodging their attacks. The more advances in the game the enemies will become more difficult to fight and you must improve your skills and agility. If you are shot 3 times you must start over.

This type of games is ideal to compete with friends or beat your own records. In addition to this, while you play you will earn points that will help you acquire new planes. If you improve your planes it will be easier to defeat all the enemies and get more points.

Download Retro Shooting right now and start living the experience of this amazing game. Do not miss the opportunity to play Retro Shooting with your friends, and access the multiplayer mode to play against people around the world.

How to download Retro Shooting?

If you want to start playing this amazing game you just have to download Retro Shooting on any of your mobile devices. This game is available for Android and iOS, and you can easily get it on Google Play and App Store.

At the end of this post we will leave you the links to download this app. Retro Shooting is a free game and you won’t have to pay to get improvements. If you want to improve your planes but you are missing points you can see some advertising videos that will allow you to earn extra points. Enjoy this fun game right now.

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