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If you are bored and looking for a game with challenges that in turn make you have a nice time, Rise Up is the right one for you to start overcoming the challenges that this fun game offers you. Show your capacity for reaction and speed in your hands. Download Rise Up right now on your Android or iOS.

Rise Up is a game in which you will have to test your skill and dexterity in the fingers; you must protect a balloon with a small shield in the form of a circle so that obstacles do not explode it. Test your reaction and speed capabilities by playing it on your Smartphone.

This app has swept the digital platforms ranking in the top 5 of the most downloaded Google Play. You will increase the difficulty as you go overcoming the different levels.

Protect the globe from obstacles with Rise Up

To start playing Rise Up you just have to give it “play” and the balloon will start to ascend from the center of the screen. Your job will be to move the shield by moving your finger over the screen so that when you touch the obstacles they disperse; this way you will prevent them from touching the globe. Otherwise it will explode immediately and you will have to start over.

You should watch that obstacles do not hit other obstacles; the rebound could get out of your control and touch the balloon causing disqualification even if you have overcome previous challenges. If this happens to you, you will have fallen into a trap.

As the balloon rises, you will level up at the same time as the difficulty will grow. The obstacles will change their shape in each level and the movements will become more complex. Download Rise Up to discover everything this fun game has for you.

Luckily, your record will be recorded each time you reach a new higher score; the same game will notify you on the screen.

This is a simple game but with challenges that will put you to the test; If you like this style of games and want to sharpen your reflexes, do not hesitate to download Rise Up. Every time you’re bored you can play a fast game with your Smartphone from wherever you are.

How to download Rise Up?

Download Rise Up is very easy. The game is freely available for iOS and Android; If you wish, you can opt for an optional purchase of the app to remove the ads.

To download it on Android, go to the menu on your screen and locate Play Store. When you enter, type Rise Up in the search field and press the first option. Click on the green button that says install and wait a few minutes while the system performs the installation.

If you have iOS, enter the App Store and type in the Rise Up browser. Press the install button and wait for the download to run.

To make things easier, you can find the links to download Rise Up at the end of this post. Start playing this fun game right now.

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Rise Up

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