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About the app

Geology lovers need to have suitable apps at their disposal to help them learn more about their hobby and the rocks that surround them. Now you will be able to consult and learn more about these in seconds with the Rock Identifier app; you will only have to take a photo or add it from the gallery and the app will consult and identify the rock in just seconds.

Rock Identifier has a very intuitive and aesthetic interface, with this it will be very simple to identify thousands of rocks, very quickly and speeding up your geological studies. The precision of this is quite accurate and it will provide you with multiple resources so that you can learn more about the consulted rock, giving you all the data you need for its study.

How to download Rock Identifier?

If you are a geology lover, this is the best app for you. You can find Rock Identifier on the Google Play and App Store so you can download the app on any of your mobile devices. We will also leave the links to download Rock Identifier at the end of this post so you can install it directly from your store.

This app is free but you may find paid options to improve your experience using the app. Start right now using this app and learn more about the rocks that you find on your path.

Rock Identifier allows you to recognize rocks and minerals

To start using this app, just take a photo of any stone, crystal or mineral and instantly the app will show a precise identification of these. A very useful tool if you have come across interesting rocks at some point, but you don’t have enough information about them. The app's scan function works very well, since it can search a data of 6000 types of rocks so that in seconds you can recognize and examine their characteristics.

You can discover curious facts, such as healing properties of certain crystals, discover those stones that are related to the zodiac, the types of polished stones and much more.

Contact professionals in mineralogy and petrology

Although this app makes it easy for you to obtain professional and current knowledge about minerals and precious stones, you may need extra information in some cases, so the app has a direct email consultation service with which you’ll be able to contact with a professional in geology who will give you advice.

Research and save your observations

Add the rocks that you have investigated to a collection and thus create your geological observations in the application. You will have a search function in which you can investigate more than 6000 types of rocks so that you can save these investigations in your collection. The app is constantly updating its content and adding more resources for its users, they can constantly continue learning geology.

Add information

Rock identifier allows its users to add information to the different types of rocks, upload their own photos to the collection and add data to them such as their size, the date of acquisition, the place of production and the price.

Show off your rock collections

You can create your own collections of rocks and minerals with those that you have been identifying, adding the location where it was found and the date, among other data that you have observed in your search.

Rock Identifier is a complete guide to rocks, minerals, crystals, and gemstones. If you are fond of identifying them or you are a professional in geology and want to take your knowledge to the next level, this app will be very useful for you.


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Rock Identifier

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