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Solving crossword puzzles has been a popular activity since the 70s. If you want to have a good numeric puzzle app, Download Rullo.

Besides being one of the most famous hobbies, this type of activity has a series of benefits for you.

This time we recommend the Rullo app; this has practically the same objective as Sudoku. You must get that on a 5×5 board filled with numbers; get that the sum of columns and rows is equal to the number that is indicated outside the board.

This game is a puzzle that will put your logic and assertiveness to work without any doubt. Download Rullo and start playing.

Rullo is a very interesting numeric game that you should play

Rullo will be an app that will be familiar to you when you download it. When we begin to play we will find a matrix that is made up of rows and columns; these will also have a series of numbers assigned in each of their boxes.

Our goal here will be to get the value that is outside of each row and column by making our sum.

To achieve this we will have the option to deactivate the numbers that we believe that do not allow us to reach our figure. Although the dynamics of the game is quite simple because it only focuses on the calculations, these are the difficulty of the game.

That is why we recommend you start with the 5×5 matrix and once you have got used to it, keep moving forward in the game.

We can solve our game with boards of 6×6, 7×7 and up to 8×8. While they are bigger the higher the level of difficulty of the same but this is what makes it a fun and challenging game.

When you download Rullo you will be working on your patience, concentration, logic and assertiveness; since it is a particularly educational game that although it may take you time to solve it will make your brain work naturally.

In the game we will get two game modes, the classic and infinite. In the first one we can choose the numbers and tables that we want to play with, in the second, the size of our matrix and the numbers we have will be given at random. If you win during a game, this victory will be automatically saved. Download Rullo right now.

How to download Rullo

You can download Rullo in the App Store and in Google Play for IOS and Android for free. Have a good time solving math puzzles and lowering your stress level from your mobile device anywhere. Below we leave the link to download Rullo.

This type of games is suggested by neurologists because they ensure that crosswords work for our brain as well as a physical exercise for any part of our body.

It is also a game that frees you from stress and relaxes you at the moment; because it requires concentration and clears you of thoughts and worries.

We recommend you download Rullo to test your ability to solve this type of puzzle; to challenge your level of calculation in math and also have fun while trying to win a game. Advance level and show everyone that you are the best in this app.

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