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Do you want to get fit but do not have time to go to the gym? Download Runtastic Results on your device because it is a perfect application for you. This app will be very useful; since it is intended for all people who want to exercise and improve the appearance of their body but for different reasons can’t go to a gym and prefer to exercise at home during free time.

Runtastic Results will motivate you and help you get that body you want in 12 weeks in a simple way as long as you follow the instructions. You must enter your body weight and the app will adapt to you; this app will plan an exercise routine at home totally according to your needs. You can do exercises without equipment and using your own weight.

Download Runtastic Results to get a fitness body from home

Download this app if you want to lose weight, tone up, keep fit or increase muscle mass. It will no longer be necessary to go to the gym or go to a nutritionist, because Runtastic Results offers you a health and nutrition guide. Find feeding plans so you can start with a new healthy lifestyle. The app will tell you what kind of food you should eat to reach your goal.

You will not need to pay a trainer. If you downloading this app on your smartphone for free you will get everything you need to exercise and eat properly.

And if that were not enough, different tutorial videos of exercises will be available for you; in these you can see what is the correct posture that you must perform and thus you can avoid physical problems such as cramps and injuries.

The app offers effective trainings of 7 to 45 minutes; and exercises that you can perform wherever and whenever you want. In addition to 180 videos in high definition with step by step rules on how to correctly perform the positions, variety of fitness level for you to exercise in a personalized way. You can even share your progress on Facebook to get motivation.

If you wish you can pay premium benefits, including the 12-week personalized training plan. The fitness level test aims to adapt the strength routines to your lifestyle; you will define how many days you want to train a week and how long it lasts. You can also choose the area of ​​the body you want to work and take advantage of cardio exercises.

How to download Runtastic Results

To Download Runtastic Results on your Smartphone will be very easy. This app is available for Android and iOS completely free. You can get this app easily from your corresponding app store.

For Android you should only go to the Play Store and search for the app by its name. The device will automatically install the app and place a shortcut icon in the main menu. If you have iOS, enter the App Store and type in the Runtastic Results search engine. After the app appears in the main menu you can enter it.

Although the app is free you can find some purchases included. Start exercising right now with Runtastic Results!


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Runtastic Results



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Runtastic Results

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