Playing with words became one of the most popular and fun hobbies of all time a few years ago. Thanks to the classic board game called Scrabble in which 2, 3 or 4 people play; and each one received a number of cards with letters we could practice our strategy, lexicon and have fun at the same time. Download Scrabble and have fun playing.

We recommend downloading Scrabble to have fun as a team and compete with your friends; to know who is the best creating words; depending on the amount of pieces that will be left during the game.

Now you can play from your mobile device anywhere and send an invitation to your friends no matter where they are.

Scrabble is a fun board game that you can now play on your smartphone

The app developed by Electronic Arts surprises us with 50 different game modes. This videogame for mobile devices has the option to send you a notification to remind you that it is your turn to play, in case you have forgotten it because you are doing another activity.

When playing with Scrabble you can invite your friends on Facebook to challenge them to a game. Some users have the option of playing with other people around the world. You will need internet to connect and play at any time. You can also participate in several games at once and test yourself with different strategies.

Something wonderful and innovative of the app is that it counts within each game with a Scrabble dictionary. This way we can inform ourselves if we are using a word that exists or not.

We want to highlight that the game and the dictionary respectively are in all languages. In this way we can also practice another language and play at the same time.

During the games, when making your move, you can visualize the previous turn you made to know what other words you could have created; and how you would have earned more points. At the end of each game you will see your statistics about your movements and the number of points you achieved.

If you have little time to play you do not have to worry. You can choose the game mode called fast game. Here you will have two to five minutes to form your words and you can inform the other player or make him prefer to finish the game. That way you will be the only winner. Download Scrabble to start playing now.

How to download Scrabble

You can download Scrabble in Google Play and in the App Store for IOS and Android for free. Exercise your mind by creating words and test the time in which you can do it to improve it more and more and expand your lexicon. Below we leave the link to download Scrabble.

The graphics created by EA for this app are wonderful; we will play exactly on a board identical to the original.

This is designed with the highest quality to provide its users with an intimate experience; and to remind them of that classic board game that we all play at some point with our friends and family.

Download Scrabble right now and start the fun of forming words.

Video of Scrabble
Download Scrabble
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