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There are initiatives that try to make the world a much better place. Currently we have problems in many areas worldwide that little by little with the help or contribution of many can be resolved if so proposed. Share the Meal is one of these programs. Download Share the Meal to start being part of this incredible initiative.

ShareTheMeal is a global food program of the United Nations. It aims to do humanitarian work to fight against hunger in places that do not have as much potential. We invite you to use this app and make your donation to fight against this serious problem.

Share The Meal is an app with which you can help many people around the world

These types of initiatives show that social networks can work for much more. It is important to start by remembering that 1 in 7 children do not have access to good nutrition and go hungry.

Therefore, this app tries to sensitize people by inviting them or allowing you to donate from very small amounts of money for one day’s food.

In the app we will have the option to donate for a whole week of food or even for the whole year. At the time of making this type of donation we can name the child we have helped. The app will send us a photo and information about he or she to keep us updated on his situation and try to transform the whole process into a relationship.

The aid we send is directed to the children most in need. When doing this action we can select in the app the country you want to help; There are several options to choose from. The app is very simple to use; and when giving a donation we will find an orange button that tells us how to make our transaction quickly.

Many users have come to ask if it is possible to feed a child with the minimum amount of money to make a donation. The United Nations World Food Program ensures that yes. This is due to the fact that food assistance in this type of developing countries has been a bit cheaper than in countries with high incomes.

How to download Share The Meal?

You can download share the meal app on Google Play and the App Store for Android and IOS for free. Be part of this social change and help the children of the world to ensure a better future.

Already 1 million people have joined this incredible initiative thanks to the World Food Program of the United Nations. Below we leave the link to download ShareTheMeal.

The purpose of this app is to try to help eradicate a problem that drowns thousands of refugee or precarious children. In the app you can also keep news and updates about statistics.

It is also an app that teaches us to be more aware; teaching us that there are up to 20 times more mobile devices than children to feed. So we recommend you download Share the Meal and help from now if you have the possibility to do it.

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