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It’s easy to download Skype to any device you want! Here, we’ve got a free download link and directions for installing this incredibly popular messenger app. No doubt about it, social networking and messaging applications do make our lives easier. With so much competition, these apps offer us users tons of privileges and services.

I, like most of the people, am used to having most of my conversations with family, chats with friends, even business appointments using these messaging apps. I’ve tried a lot of them.

Some are average, some are fairly good, but there are just a few ones that I would call “superb”. And Skype is certainly one of those “superb” messenger apps.

Why download Skype?

From my personal experience with Skype, it’s the best, safest, highest quality messenger app. It has the most features and is the most widely used free messaging application worldwide. It was the original way to video chat with out of town friends and family, and still the best in that arena.

Simple Chats: you can enjoy a nice, basic conversation with a friend. It’s fast, simple and fun; you can use its emoticons and stickers to joke around, express your emotions, and things that words just can’t express in a fun way. You can share pictures, videos, audio files, PDFs, and Word files easily. This is really useful for coworkers who are collaborating on projects.

You can also make a phone call to another Skype user, a mobile phone or a landline. Calls to non-Skype phones aren’t free, but they sure are a lot cheaper than an international phone call!

Group Chats and Conference: you can make a video call with multiple participants. Now that is really a great feature! People worldwide use it for lots of purposes: online learning, business meetings, family reunion, special events… even, in some parts of the world, WEDDINGS! Yes – there are people getting married ON SKYPE!

Moving on… Skype also has a translator, so if you have an online meeting with someone from another country, make the call and let Skype help you communicate.

And the list goes on about the benefits of using Skype, which definitely makes your life easier. So, if you haven’t got Skype on your smartphone or tablet yet, don’t hesitate. Get it now! And I will tell you how.

How to download Skype for mobile

Downloading Skype is not that complicated. You can get it easily using the handy Skype download link at the top of this post. Otherwise, it’s just like installing any other app. If you want it installed on your Android smartphone or tablet, you can visit the Play Store. For Apple iOS devices, go to the App Store. Make a search for Skype and tap download. See how easy?

Once the download is complete, tap the shiny new Skype icon to open the app. You will have the choice to login or create a new free account. If you have used Skype before on another device, you can use that same info to login now. To create a new account, you’ll need to enter your full name and email address.

Then enter your profile information: date of birth, your country, city, and language. And lastly, you’ll need to choose a Skype name, which will be used to login and will be seen by your Skype friends. And there you go! That’s all there is to it!

Video of Skype
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