Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle

It has happened to all of us. To sleep many hours but waking up really tired; and other times waking up great despite having slept for just a while. Why does this happen to you? It is related to the sleep cycles and the moment when the alarm goes off in them. Now there is an app to control this. If you also want to monitor what happens while you sleep and try to improve the way you rest, this app will be very useful. If you are interested you should keep reading. In this post we will show you how it works and how you can download Sleep Cycle.

Sleep Cycle is an alarm application that allows you to wake up at the right time according to your sleep cycles. Thanks to the use of the accelerometers of your phone, the movements you make while you sleep are detected and the app establishes in which phase of the dream you are.

How does Sleep Cycle works

Sleep Cycle uses accelerometers of your phone to detect the movements of your body. In this way, taking in count your physical activity, it will establish the phase of sleep in which you find yourself more relaxed. This happened in the phases REM (rapid eye movement) and No REM. Therefore, the first thing you should do is place your phone in an area of ​​the bed where it is able to capture your movements. The best, as indicated in the application itself, is in the upper right or left corner of the bed.

Sleep Cycle includes a test option to check if every time you move the device detects the movement with a sounding beep. Once everything is calibrated you should only set the alarm time and other options such as the type of alarm, snooze and period in wich the app will wake you up, etc. The most important thing is to select the time range in which the program can wake you up.

When you download Sleep Cycle, in addition to waking up at the right time, you can also access data of your physical activity while you sleep. In this way you can monitor if you have a biological and psychological well-being.

With Sleep Cycle you can register how you feel as soon as you wake up (good, bad, regular). You can configure your “Sleep notes”, notes that you add to your day to day and that you want to collect as variables to see how they influence your dream. For example: drink coffee or tea, dine late, exercise or have a stressful day, and then draw conclusions as you add nights to your records.

How to download Sleep Cycle

Download Sleep Cycle is very simple and you will find it very useful in your day to day to improve the way you sleep. It is available for Android and iOS so you can find it in their respective stores. Keep in mind that your phone must have an accelerometer to use its functions. The download is free, and with it you will enjoy multiple functions. However, you can purchase a Premium account within the same application to enjoy even more features. At the end of this post we will leave the shortcuts so you can download Sleep Cycle.

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