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If you are looking for an app to meet people that is not the same as the rest, Slowly will be an excellent option for you. This app is completely different to all the apps to know people and social networks that we know nowadays; with Slowly you can have a real pen friend. Start sending letters to people around the world with this amazing app. Download Slowly on your Smartphone right now to live a completely different experience.

Now we show you everything you need to know about this amazing app. Slowly is available for Android and iOS devices. Enjoy a unique experience making friends by mail; as it was done long before there were telephones and the internet. Slowly is undoubtedly a platform that all lovers of writing should use.

Discover Slowly - An app to make pen friends

Currently there are many social networks and apps to have appointments and meet people; These apps have a common feature, all actions are fast. You can make friends very fast or get an appointment in 5 minutes. But if you're a little old fashioned, these apps will not work for you. That is why they have created Slowly; an app where you can make friends, one letter at a time.

With Slowly you can make friends from anywhere in the world, but without any hassles. This app will allow you to have a real pen friend with whom you can exchange letters. If you want to make friends but social networks are not your favorite medium, we invite you to use Slowly.

To make friends in Slowly you just have to have a username and choose a profile picture. Then you must choose your personal interests or the things in common that you want to have with your new friends. So the app will show you people from all over the world with your same interests to whom you can send letters. Send a request to whoever you want and if they accept you will have a match with whom to start talking.

By downloading Slowly you can make friends online but in a very different way than what we know. Making pen friends will take more time, but you will surely get a true and lasting friendship. You can send letters to people all over the world and collect stamps from each different country. The more you write, you will receive unique Stamps to collect. Start right now to use this interesting app and make friends all over the world.

How to download Slowly?

If you want to download Slowly you just have to follow these simple steps. Slowly is available for Android and iOS devices and is completely free. You can find this app in Google Play and App Store, depending on which device you have. At the end of this post you will find the shortcuts for the direct download of this app from both servers.

Start right now to use this amazing app and discover friends from around the world. Send letters to your pen friends and collect stamps from all countries in the world. Do not miss this opportunity, download Slowly right now.


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About Slowly
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