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Having a Smartphone is an incredible tool, but sometimes it does not bring everything you need; and it is precisely from that idea that the Smart Kit 360 app was born. Download this app and have in the palm of your hand a kind of toolbox for mobile devices. Do not waste your time downloading dozens of app one by one; download Smart Kit 360 and have everything you need in the same place.

Developed by Kafuil Utils, Smart Kit 360 is a practical app for Android only. This incredible app contains more than 30 tools such as compass, ruler, stopwatch, recorder, cardiograph, protractor, metronome, translator, pedometer and much more. Download this amazing app and use the sensors of your device. Start taking advantage of this beneficial Swiss Army knife!

With Smart Kit 360 you can have everything you need in one place

The interface of the app very clean and understandable. This app presents all the tools you bring in an orderly manner in three groups; productivity and utilities, calculation and conversion and finally navigation and measurement.

The Smart Kit 360 tools support different unit formats and multiple languages. Do not miss the opportunity to have all the apps you need within a single app. If you are an Android user download this app to start using dozens of tools within an app all in one.

One of the best features of this app is its size, with only 9.5 MB is able to cover all your needs perfectly. It does not matter if you need an altimeter, a block of notes or a calculator to convert dollars into euros, Smart Kit 360 is the multipurpose app that has it all for you.

Another great advantage is that you can easily create a shortcut of your favorite tool on the home screen of your cell phone, so it will be more convenient to use it.

But the multipurpose qualities of Smart Kit 360 not only remain in the various tools it offers; Now you can also enjoy the most popular social networks from this convenient app. You can even enjoy the most important news pages and the best virtual stores to buy everything you want.

How to download Smart Kit 360?

Smart Kit 360 is an app that is available only for Android in the Google Play store. It is free download and suitable for all audiences. If you have a device with little storage, Smart Kit 360 is perfect for you. It is a very well punctuated app with hundreds of comments on its usefulness.

Download Smart Kit 360 and have at hand all the tools you could need in an orderly and simple way. All the different functions will make your life easier. Measure, cut audio, manage different types of files and have a flashlight in the palm of your hand. Do not waste your time and have the best all-in-one app in the market. Right below we leave you the link so you can download Smart Kit 360.


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About Smart Kit 360
  • Updated 27 April, 2022
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  • Category Apps, Tools
  • Current Version Varies with device

Smart Kit 360



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Smart Kit 360

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