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About the app

You can download SnapChat to your device! For step by step instructions on how to download SnapChat, skip to the bottom of the post. SnapChat is a unique messaging app. It became one of the top messaging apps in the world due to its unique service: making very creative “snaps” that no other apps can do.

Using SnapChat, you can send and receive texts, images and videos like any other app, but what’s really crazy about it is that, in a very creative, fun way, you can create hilariously designed snaps using your device’s camera. No need to do it with another professional app, just the SnapChat camera.

The disappearing, temporary nature of snaps is what makes them so appealing. Snaps cannot be saved. They can be seen once and then they’re gone forever. The only way to save your friend’s snap is by taking a screen shot, but your friend will be notified that you did this.

Why download SnapChat?

For beginners, SnapChat can seem a little intimidating. But it’s actually really simple once you get the hang of it! With your friend’s hilarious face-swaps, doggy-ears, and SnapChat art you would have never thought possible, SnapChat helps you make masterpieces.

With SnapChat, you can use multiple filters at once. Just take a photo using SnapChat’s camera, and slide your finger left or right and select your first filter. Keep holding one finger on your Snap, and slide another finger to the left or ri ght and select your second filter. You can enable night camera mode, which is perfect for poor lighting. And make sure you take advantage of SnapChat’s lenses, which add a completely different level of goofiness to your pictures. You can use these new, creative filters to make dog ears, barf rainbows, swap faces and lots more. The SnapChat camera is really smart; it scans your face to determine where to place the filter as you press and hold on your face when you take a selfie. It may even tell you to “Raise Your Eyebrows”.

You can also blow up emojis and invent texts, to add a touch of your personality to your snaps. You can also change the size of your emoji by pinching, to hilariously replace someone’s head for example! (Hypothetically speaking, of course…) You can also resize text you put on your images: shrink, blow up, or even invert your text.

More features in SnapChat

Drawing in black and white is old-fashioned to many new users, but it’s still the best, and not that complicated. You can also enable new “geofilters”. These are fun, customized filters that will pop up according to your location. A filter that draws money raining down from New York City’s Financial District, brightly cut-out shops and shows of Los Angeles, and so on.

How to download SnapChat

Downloading SnapChat is really easy. If you have an Android device, you can use the “Download” button above this article to download the app directly to your device. If you’re using a computer, use the same button to get the SnapChat APK to your PC first. Then, transfer it to your Android device via cable or Bluetooth connection. Once it’s transferred, use a file manager app to locate it, tap to install, and you’re in. You can also download SnapChat from the Play Store. You can search for it directly or find it under “top apps”.

If you have an iOS device, you can download the SnapChat application directly to the device from the App Store. Otherwise, you may use your PC or Mac’s iTunes program to access the App Store and download SnapChat to iTunes. Then, just connect your device and synchronize.

I know you’ll have a blast with this app. As they say, happy snapping!


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