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About the app

Many times we do not have time to look for someone to help us with a math, chemistry or history problem; and neither the money to pay for an extra teacher. That's why Socratic is such an amazing app. Download Socratic on your Smartphone to enjoy everything this app has.

This app that is based on artificial intelligence has the ability to capture your problems or doubts and get the right answer. Download Socratic and do not stay with a single answer; the app will give you the option of watching videos and tutorials so you can get extra help.

A simple photo is what you need to do to start using Socratic and leave your doubts. This app is an excellent help when it comes to doing your homework; or when studying if you have any doubt at any time.

Do not miss this opportunity and get the most answers of any subject. From graphics to questions, go step by step with Socratic and learn everything that this app has for you.

Socratic will help you solve all your doubts to study better

The majority of users who have become followers of this app are students. Its objective is to help mainly those who have doubts in certain areas or subjects; like maths, chemistry, history, English, science and even economics.

The great variety of information that can give you an answer is incredible. Socratic can not only give you an answer to a written problem or suggest a video, it can give you graphics for your math problems; explaining step by step how to solve it.

Download Socratic and do not stay with the doubt of any assignment. When using this app, you should take a picture of the problem you want to solve.

This photo must be very specific and clear so that the app can be concise in its response. Socratic converts the text you provide in words.

One of the suggestions that the app gives you is that if you have a task of 10 questions, go sending one by one to the app; in this way you will obtain faster and more accurate results.

How to download Socratic?

To download Socratic you can go to Google Play or the App Store and download it for free for Android and IOS. Leave doubts as many times as you want from anywhere using your cell phone to make a query in Socratic.

Use all the resources that Socratic brings to you. Below we leave the link for you to download Socratic.

In case the app does not give you the answer you are looking for, it may be because you are not writing the question correctly.

For these cases the app brings a manual mode; so you can copy the question in the search tool and avoid any errors.

We recommend you download Socratic so you can enjoy a help in those unforeseen moments in which you had no one to turn to. Socratic can also work to review your exercises and that way you can go more safely to your deliveries.


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