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Sometimes we have too many files on our phone and we are not sure where are they saved. Also, if you use cloud platforms, then you have way more files in another location, so you probably always have a big mess and don’t know how to organize everything. If this is your case, we recommend you to download Solid Explorer, a great app that will help you find all your files easily in the same place.

Solid Explorer is a quite popular app that allows you to access all your files easily. You can find all your download, documents, videos, photos, audios and more in the same place. This way you will always save time searching for them, because they will be all in this app. So, if you are interested in getting this explorer, keep reading this post to know all the things you can do with it and how to get this app.

These are all the things you can do with Solid Explorer

As we mentioned before, Solid Explorer is an amazing app that can help you to find all your files easily. It becomes an easy access to get all your files in the same place, so it doesn’t matter if they are on your phone or in a cloud, with this explorer you will find it really fast. But this app offers you a lot of things, so let’s take a look at all the features Solid Explorer has to offer.

First of all, the design is very intuitive and easy to understand. You will see two panels to navigate easily between all your folders and files. It is very simple, clean, smooth and light, so you can go through all your platforms, folders and more in just a few seconds. And, if you don’t like the predetermined design, you can personalize the app so it has a better look that suits you better.

With this app you can be sure that your files will be safe. You can even encrypt your documents so you can be sure that only you will open and read your things. Then, this app also allows you to create and open ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR y TAR files. Also, you can link all your clouds accounts, so you can open your files from Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, SugarSync, Copy, Mediafire, OwnCloud, Yandex, and Mega.

As you can see, this app is really useful, so if you want to download Solid Explorer right now, keep reading this post.

How to download Solid Explorer?

If you want to download Solid Explorer right now on your phone you just need to tap on the download button at the bottom of this post. Then choose your device system and it will take you to the right source to get it.

This app is available for free for Android devices, so you can also get it in the Google Play Store. Once you get this app you will have everything organize and you will be able to find everything in the same place.

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