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Cartoon Network does not stop to surprise us and it is because it does not stop bringing us news in terms of videogames and apps. For fans of Steven Universe a game has arrived that brings us one of the best soundtracks of the cartoons and is Steven’s own. Download Soundtrack attack right now for your Smartphone.

In this game you will not only find your main character, you can even create your own gem

We recommend you download Soundtrack attack and go through the six universes of Steven. With the help of Gems you can play to the rhythm of the songs of the series to overcome a series of goals that will turn you into a free gem.

Enjoy incredible graphics and landscapes that undoubtedly take you to each chapter of Steven Universe.

Soundtrack Attack is a Steven Universe game that will surprise you

The modality of this game is rhythmic runner where we will find the most popular songs of the series. At some point we have all heard the most famous ” we are the crystal gems ” and here we can move to the rhythm of their music. In this app you have the option to be part of this wonderful world.

To start our game we can choose our gem or create it. We have the option to choose your hair color, clothing, weaponry and accessories. The more we play and unlock levels we will have more elements to use at our disposal.

At the end of each level, it will tell you how many gems you have collected. We will also see different songs in each one of them; so we’ll have a lot of fun assured.

The amount of colors and graphics will leave us open-mouthed as it is a game that assures us a lot of quality and wonderful scenarios alluding to the series.

We will have to face all the obstacles correctly, defeat the enemy monsters in order to collect the three stars in each level and keep advancing.

Each level will go up the level of difficulty; so we will have to pay close attention to avoid falling into any precipice and lose our life.

If you can overcome all the maps with five stars in level one you can unlock level two and so on. You can try the characters you want in the level you want, you just have to go to the settings to change it without any problem.

Download Soundtrack attack to have a wonderful time overcoming the most complicated levels accompanied by your favorite character.

How to download Soundtrack attack?

You can download Soundtrack attack in the App Store and in Google Play for IOS and Android. Get master these universes as if you were part of them; and be surprised with the best soundtrack and the best story.

 This app was developed by Purple Tree, a renowned Argentine studio. Below we leave the link to download Soundtrack attack.

Each level ensures you a lot of non-stop action. The objective is to obtain the most points and gems.

Let yourself get hooked by that great amount of striking colors that make each chapter of Steven Universe so special. Pearl, Garnet, Ruby and Quarzo will be your companion gems in this incredible adventure. Download Soundtrack attack right now.

Video of Soundtrack attack
Download Soundtrack attack
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