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When you go out to eat or to the cinema with friends or roommates it is good to always share the bills so that the finances become much more bearable. It is also good to keep in mind when you have fallen behind with the payment you owe to a friend or relative or when someone owes us money. For all this and more, there is an app. This app will help you organize all your payments. We are talking about Splitwise, a very useful app to keep bills between friends and colleagues. With it you can have a friend who owes you to pay for a coffee, or which friend owes you a lunch; synchronize the payments that must be paid between a group and much more! Download Splitwise will allow you to pay along with different people in a very simple way.

Splitwise will let you split the bills between friends or family; so everyone will know how much to pay and you can find out who has paid and who has not to take better control. If you want to know more about this fabulous app, in this post we show you how it works and how you can download Splitwise.

How does Splitwise works

Splitwise is an app that will allow you to keep the accounts up to date with your roommates, friends or partner. From the app you can distribute the expenses between two or more people; but you can also simply point out if someone owes you some money. And also if you are the one who owes money to someone. Download Splitwise will allow you to create groups of friends or family with whom you can go to eat and easily split the bill. This way everyone will know exactly what  to pay and you can write down who paid, who owes you money or to whom you owe your money.

Moving through the app is also very easy; the interface of the app is divided into three different tabs: friends, groups and activity. In the friends tab you can see a list of all the people you have added; accompanied by the amount of money you owe or owed. From the groups tab, on the other hand, you can manage all the common payments you have. To complete the payment you must enter the various invoices with an amount, date, category and finally how much each one must contribute. You will be able to add notes or even a photo to show that the payment has actually been made.

How to download Splitwise

Now it is very easy to take your shared payments, you just have to download Splitwise. This app is completely free; and you can find it in the Google Play mobile stores and App Store for devices with Android and iOS operating systems respectively. It is necessary that the group of friends register in the app so everyone can see the accounts and modify them when they have paid. At the end of this post we leave you the shortcuts so you can go right now to download Splitwise.


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