Have you ever seen your Facebook friends sharing Spotify updates and wondered what it was all about? Download Spotify right now and start listening to music the 21st century way!

Spotify has completely changed the way we listen to music. It allows us to play our favorite music directly from the cloud, instead of downloading it. Spotify is now extremely popular; part of the allure for Spotify users is that it boasts over 30 million tracks. .

Have you ever had that flash from the past, when you remember a situation, an occasion or a moment that comes with an old song playing like a soundtrack? This happens to me all the time! Once I remember a song that I used to love, I get that urge to listen to it right now.

So, all I do is search for it on Spotify and live those memories all over again! Spotify has almost every song you’d ever feel like listening to.

Why download Spotify?

In addition to the millions of songs you can search for, Spotify has another very lovely feature: Discover Weekly. It’s essentially a personalized playlist for every user, automatically updated with new music every Monday, depending on the user’s listening habits. Users can import songs from their PCs, too.

Whether iTunes or any other place, you can put it directly into Spotify. Spotify also offers a web player so you can log in from any computer and listen to your music. This way, you can switch between devices that are logged into your account, and play music remotely.

Spotify supports lyrics, so you can play songs and read their lyrics, which sync up with the progress of the song, without leaving the app. There is also a built-in messaging tool; you can use it to share music and communicate with other Spotify users. You can collaboratively make a creative playlist with someone else on Spotify.

You can also organize playlists into folders, save time with keyboard shortcuts, find the exact thing you’re looking for, Hide or publish your activity on Spotify, recover a playlist you have deleted and much more.

Premium subscribers of Spotify pay $9.99 per month. They can download music to listen off line. Obviously, this is very nice when you are not connected to the internet. Premium subscribers can also enjoy higher quality music, while free users listen to a normal music quality (which is just fine if you ask me).

How to download Spotify

It’s quite simple to download Spotify. If you’re using an Android smartphone or tablet, you can find Spotify in the Play Store. The app will be downloaded directly to your device.

You can also transfer the Spotify file from your PC to your Android device via USB or Bluetooth. Just use the same download button to get the Spotify APK file on your PC, and transfer. Once the transfer is done, find the APK file with a file manager app; then, tap to install, and that’s itn! You’re done!

If you have an iOS device (iPhone or iPad), you can simply download it directly to your device by visiting the App Store. Tap Download, wait a moment, and you’ll find the app on your screen ready to use. Alternatively, if you want to use your computer to download the app, you will need to visit the App Store via iTunes first. From there, download the app, then connect your Apple device to the computer via cable or iCloud and sync with your iTunes library.

Now, you can go enjoy the Spotify experience, listen to your favorite music, and let all your friends know what you’re listening to by linking your Facebook account.

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