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Arcade games and skill always succeed because of their good proposals. Download Stickman hook to start playing.

Users like to get videogames that can challenge, entertain and now that everything is from your mobile. Another point of this type of apps is that it does not matter many times if their graphics are of the highest quality; the important thing is that it manages to entertain the player.

Stickman Hook has achieved this goal in its development and objective. It is a very fun game that manages to become addictive to spend those boring moments of the best form.

It has short games that we can complete in small free periods in which we have nothing to do or just want to distract.

Stickman Hook is a very fun game for everyone

This video game has a simple objective; and is to take our main character from one point to another. We must do it trying to avoid all the obstacles that are presented to us as we move forward.

To get from one point to another we have to swing on a cable or strip and go jumping to reach the goal.

Our character can become a ball during his journey; since it is quite elastic. Not only will we encounter obstacles, we will also have elements that will help us move forward quickly.

In the reviews of this popular game we can see how they make comparisons with the Spiderman jumps and our character; since it makes long jumps very well planned without any failure if it is done in the best way.

The charm of this game lies in the dynamism of the movements that we have to achieve using the device's touch screen. We will have to make precise touches on our screen to achieve the exact movement at the right time and thus not fail.

The levels are presenting difficulty as we move forward. The key is in the good balance between points A and B. Practice and create your own strategy to move forward and make the most of all the elements.

At the top of our screen we will see a bar that will be filled with reference to the route we take; and what we need to reach the goal. This game of the arcade genre for its simplicity and its good entertainment proposal is an incredible proposal.

How to download Stickman Hook?

You can download this app on Google Play and the App Store for Android and IOS. It is a free and easy to play app.

The controls are quite basic for the movements we must do and achieve our goal. Below we leave the link to download Stickman Hook.

On a visual level, he may not be surprised by his simple graphics; but it is that same effect that makes you concentrate on following the rhythm of the game. Learn to handle the elastic character and complete your mission.

Patience is vital in Stickman Hook. We recommend you download and have fun to the maximum trying to guide the main character. Surprise yourself having a good time and share this game with your friends and closest friends.


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About Stickman hook
  • Updated 27 April, 2022
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Stickman hook

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