Stranger Things App

Stranger Things App

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Stranger Things App

The second season of Stranger Things has finally arrived, and with it a lot of great content for the fans of this amazing Netflix production. Among the new content we find a great game that you can download on your Android or iOS devices. We’re talking about the new app called the same as the series, Stranger Things. It is an 8-bit adventure game that seeks to simulate the great arcade games of the 80s. Are you ready to enter the adventure? Now we show you everything about this game and how to download Stranger Things App on your mobile device.

What is Stranger Things App about?

Stranger Things App is a very fun and entertaining game that seeks to imitate the great arcade games of a few decades ago. The game in 8 Bits basically tells the same story of the show, but in an interactive way where you must play with each of the characters discovering their special powers to pass the level. You will start the game being Hopper and while you are unlocking levels you will unlock the other characters of the show. Each character has a special ability. For example, Lucas has his spear-thrower, Hopper gives some good punches, Nancy has a bat and Eleven has her amazing powers. You must be smart and use each one’s skills to progress through the game when you download Stranger Things App.

Although at first glance the game may seem basic, the truth is that it is very entertaining and can be very difficult at certain levels. When you download Stranger Things App you will have two game modes, the easy mode and the classic mode. You can use the easy mode to start playing and adapt to the dynamics of the game. The classic mode has more levels and more characters to unlock, which is why it’s a bit more complicated (and funny). You can explore Hawkings in 8 Bits and discover things that have not been revealed in the series.

The game has more than 10 different scenarios and 100 levels to overcome. When you unlock Eleven the game becomes even more fun and you must use your wits to use her powers correctly. Are you ready to start playing? If you are a fan of Stranger Things, do not hesitate a moment to download this game on your Android or iOS.

How to download Stranger Things App

Download Stranger Things App is very easy. The game is completely free and has no advertising. You can get this game totally free from the app store corresponding to your OS. This game is available for Android and iOS. At the end of this post we will leave the shortcuts for download on both servers. You should know that due to the popularity of this app many people have created fake versions, so we recommend downloading Stranger Things app from the shortcuts that we will leave below. Start playing this fun game today and experience the entire Stranger Things experience in 8 Bits.

Video of Stranger Things App
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