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Are you ready to play one of the most entertaining games of the moment? To have hours of fun you must download Subway Surfers. This game is available for iOS and Android devices. It has a very simple dynamic but it is really entertaining. It is ideal for children and adults, and has been among the first of the list of best games for smartphones within the last years. We will show you everything you need to know about Subway Surfers so you can start playing this game today.

What is Subway Surfers about?

Subway Surfers is a simple game to play, but if you want to reach a high score you should practice a lot and speed up your movements. Within the game you will be a boy on a skateboard looking for his best adventure on the train lines. But since his adventure is not legal, he is pursued by a policeman and his dog. Your mission will be to flee the police while dodging trains and obstacles. You should also try to get as many coins as you can to achieve a better score.

You will have to avoid 4 kinds of obstacles. For this you must jump or crouch, and move to the right and left. For each action you should touch the screen to the side where you want to move. If you hit an obstacle you will lose the game and start again.

The game consists of a single infinite level. You should go accumulating kilometers traveled and amount of coins collected to achieve better scores. The idea of ​​the game is that you are breaking your own records. You can also compete against your friends if when you download Subway Surfers you connect your game with Facebook.

With the coins you get you can buy new characters, outfits and skateboards. You can also buy improvements for your character to get more miles. On each special date unpublished characters will appear, if you manage to buy them while they are available you can have a large collection of characters that few will have. In addition, within the game you can find gift boxes, where you will get accessories and characters that you can only get that way.

Some tools will help you to have a better score within the game. Find the magnet to get all the coins that are in your way, and special boots to jump higher and avoid obstacles better.

How to download Subway Surfers

Download Subway Surfers is very simple. This game is available for Android and iOS. You can play Subway Surfers on your Smartphone or Tablet completely free. For both OS the game can be downloaded directly from the corresponding app store. To make things easier for you, we have left the shortcuts to the download for both iOS and Android at the end of this post.

The download will be fast because the game is not too heavy. You will only need an internet connection if you want to see the score of your friends. Download Subway Surfers and start playing now.


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Subway Surfers

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