Swarm is the perfect app for all those lovers of the fashionable places of the city. If you love going out to see the restaurants, cafes, pubs and new clubs you must have this app. In addition, Swarm is perfect for those who are visiting a city for the first time and want to find the best places to visit. Download Swarm on your Android or iPhone to have the best tourist guide of trendy places in any city. If you want to know how to use and have this excellent tool, read on. Now we explain how to download Swarm and how to use this app.

Visit all the trendy places of your city with Swarm

Knowing a city is achieved by visiting the fashion sites that all visit; so if you are on vacation and want to know the city, don’t hesitate to download Swarm. Also, if you simply want to know the city where you live, this app will help you and much more. With Swarm you will have a travel guide where you can mark all the places you have visited. So you can keep track of the places you’ve been.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit new sites in your city and mark the places you have visited. With this app you will never forget the name of that sushi restaurant that you liked so much; and you can share with your friends that new pub where the cocktails are fantastic. Start using this app right now.

Swarm is a very easy to use app. When you open the app and activate the location of your Smartphone you will have a map of your city; on this map you will see all the important trendy places that are around you. You will find restaurants, discos, clubs, plazas, parks, museums, libraries, gyms and much more. This way you will be able to know where the best places around you are.

Each time you visit one of the places on the map you can mark it as visited; or check in as it is said in the app. You can also leave a small review and images to remember your experience on the site; what will also be useful if you want to recommend the place to a friend. You can check in as many times as you want and every time you do you will add points.

Download Swarm on your Smartphone and start checking out all the trendy places in your city right now. Your friends who use the app can also see the sites you visited if you allow it.

How to download Swarm?

To download Swarm is really easy. You can have this app on your Android or iPhone completely free; get the app in Google Play or App Store. To make things simpler, at the end of this post you will find shortcuts to download this amazing app.

Remember that you will need internet connection and have activated the location of your Smartphone to use Swarm. Start right now to visit incredible sites with the help of Swarm.

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