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Of the best keyboards you can have on your Android device we have to mention Swiftkey. This keyboard, which is quite customizable, intuitive and fast, will make the writing in your chats faster and faster since it can correct the mistakes you make, suggest the words you use most and even the names of your contacts. Without a doubt it is one of the most complete keyboards that you can get. If you want to improve the way you write in your chats, in this post we have a quick download button so you can download Swiftkey in a very simple way.

Swiftkey is a keyboard with intelligent predictions that will help you write better and much faster. The same keyboard will be adapted to your way of writing, your customary phrases and so on. If you want to know more about the operation of this keyboard, in this post we tell you what is necessary to download Swiftkey.

How to download Swiftkey

SwiftKey is a simple keyboard app that will help you write much faster from your Android device. It will intelligently correct any mistake you may make, something that is quite common on touch screens. After you download SwiftKey and configure it, the app will learn the words and phrases that you use the most to try to anticipate the movement of your fingers. In this way, when you normally start typing a word, at the top of the keyboard you will see a series of suggestions that you only have to press to type as is in the text field. And it will also allow you to synchronize with your Facebook and Twitter profiles, so it can learn much more easily what names you use and how you write, to adapt to your style and offer you better advice.

SwiftKey configuration options allow you to change the appearance of the keyboard; choosing between different designs and giving the opportunity to create your own personalization. SwiftKey is a very useful tool thanks to which your users can write much faster from the touch screen of any device with Android operating system. Undoubtedly is one of the best keyboards that you can have installed on your Smartphone.

How to download Swiftkey

Download Swiftkey is very easy and there are different ways to do it. Note that this app is available only on Android devices.

From your mobile device you must enter the Google Play, and search by Swiftkey by entering the name in the search bar. When the result appears press “Install”. You should wait a few moments until it appears in the notification bar that your app was installed successfully. If you use the download button located in the top of this post, an installer file will be downloaded. When you have finished downloading, select it (it is usually located in the download folder of your device). Accept the permissions it requires and enable unknown sources if you have not already done so. Wait a few moments until a message appears stating that the app was installed.

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