Learning a new language is a goal of life for many people. In many countries, it has been up to the objective or most relevant subject within its curriculum. Download Tandem to learn languages ​​from your Smartphone.

When studying a new language we are not only learning a new form of communication; we can know a lot about a new culture.

The socio-cultural environment is part of their language. Learning to speak another language is very simple nowadays; we have hundreds of possibilities to communicate with foreign people and exchange information that will facilitate our learning in a more organic way.

Tandem is an amazing app that allows us to learn languages

Tandem is an app that allows us to connect with other users of different nationalities to practice our communication orally.

Achieving communication with people whose mother tongue is that language we want to learn is a wonderful tool that Tandem presents.

When downloading the app and start using it we must specify what our main interests are. This will be fundamental within Tandem; since in this way we will connect with other people who have the same interests as you but in another language. In this way you can go practicing your conversation.

In Tandem we will not only communicate with other people who want to learn another language or with whom you can practice informally. You will also have access to contact tutors who can give you lessons with more level for longer.

The objective of this app is not to teach us a language from scratch; is trying to make you practice another language in the most natural and fun way possible. Whether talking about interesting topics for you with new people who have a connection with you; and make the experience as comfortable and fun as possible.

When entering the app and want to connect either by video call, images or voice, you need to have a previous connection with the other user; either have sent a message or followed the app as if it were a social network.

Among the languages ​​available within the app are English, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Arabic and Spanish. In the app you have a great variety of games in all these languages ​​so you can practice.

Tandem is an app with incredible features to be an app. It’s like finding a language institute or making an exchange abroad; but all in one place for free and on hand at any time.

How to download Tandem?

To download Tandem you can go to the App Store or Google Play for IOS and Android. It is a free app but it contains many premium options that offer us some advantages for an extra price. Below we leave the link to download Tandem.

The app has a Premium version to streamline many activities that we would have to wait for. One of the options that we will have when doing this is to get a faster user to talk to.

Have the possibility to connect with native teachers who are qualified in a great option. The correction of texts and advice to learn the rules of another language is something that we would all like to have at our disposal at all times; and in this app we will get it.

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