Tasty Town

Video games increasingly surprise us with all the functions we have at our disposal for fun. This time we present you an incredible app so you can create and manage your own restaurant. Download Tasty Town and have fun creating a luxury restaurant. Can you create the best restaurant in town? Discover it now.

The Tasty Town app has all the characteristics of a management game. We will take care of a new restaurant that is trying to improve with you in charge.

Within this location we will have to take care of our customers, keep the site as good as possible, work on remodeling and improve structurally and also procure the supply of it. Download Tasty Town and discover all the fun.

Tasty Town is a fun game for the whole family

When we start our game we will have a basic tutorial that will guide us and explain each of the steps so that we start working in our business. We will start at the simplest level and as we improve and learn the necessary things we can climb quickly.

In Tasty Town you will not only have to serve customers regularly to the site; we will also have other functions to perform as attending first hand from the kitchen with the different menus that you request. We will also have to work in the garden to provide food to the local and a variety of activities to keep us busy.

Before starting to receive new clients we will have to prepare the premises beforehand. We will have to clean it, assign a kitchen for the restaurant, hire a chef and set the scene with tables, chairs; and also look for personnel who are in charge of serving everyone in your business. Download Tasty Town to surprise you with this funny, dynamic and very easy to play management proposal.

Every movement in the game is important. Certain things like delivering or passing the plate of food to the table must be done manually by dragging the food with the touchscreen of our device. To be able to level up we will have to pay attention to every detail since everything is important and needs our management.

How to download Tasty Town?

You can download Tasty Town in the App Store and in Google Play for IOS and Android for free. This app has certain elements that we can obtain with real money but they are not essential to follow the course of the game. Below we leave the link to download Tasty Town.

Something important is that the clients must be well taken care of and we have to make them leave happy; since to evolve we need to obtain a high valuation of each one.

At each level we will have access to new elements to use; either in the decoration of the premises, different foods to expand the menu and much more.

If we manage to manage each section that surrounds our restaurant and the place in if we can grow but we will always need a number of coins to be able to level up more and more quickly. Download Tasty Town to have fun and enjoy a game that will keep us busy and attentive all the time.

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