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Having an instant messaging app on your smartphone is essential; and for this one of the best apps is Telegram. If you already know Telegram you must update your app to the new and improved Telegram X version. This app is a new version of the Telegram that we all know but with many new features and improvements. Download Telegram X on your Smartphone to have the best instant messaging app you can find.

No instant messaging app on the Internet is as complete as Telegram X. With this app you can chat with your friends and make calls using internet; but you will also find many new features, starting with a new and stylized design. The best thing is that you can use the conventional version and the new version of Telegram at the same time on your Smartphone; this will be great if you use a device with a double SIM card.

Now we show you everything you can do with Telegram X and the new features offered by this app. keep reading to discover all about the new Telegram.

Upgrade to Telegram X – The new version of the best instant messaging app

Telegram X is a new version of Telegram that you can download on your Android and iOS devices. The app combines all the functions of the original Telegram, but adds many new functions. Now you will have greater speed in receiving and sending messages and calls; the new functions of this app will give you better quality of calls and video-calls.

If you download Telegram X you will be able to send and receive messages to all your contacts using Telegram. If you do not want to add someone by their phone number you can search for them by their username. You can also create groups of more than 50 people to talk with all your friends in the same place. Group chats also have new functions in Telegram X, such as new games and group video calls.

You will have the possibility to create secret chats where the messages can be deleted. The information shared in secret chats will not be stored in any registry; neither your phone nor Telegram. You will also find new decals, gifs and animations to send. Express yourself however you want with Telegram X.

All this you will find in an improved and stylized interface that is perfect to use at night; In addition, the new Telegram X interface will help you reduce battery consumption. Start right now to use this amazing app.

How to download Telegram X?

If you want to start using this app you should only download Telegram X on your mobile device. This app is available for Android and iOS devices completely free. For your convenience and to make things easier, we have left the links for download in Google Play and App Store at the end of this post.

Remember that you can use the two versions of Telegram at the same time on your Smartphone. Do not miss the opportunity to use this amazing app. Download Telegram X right now.

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