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Since the last months Telegram has been gaining a lot of popularity, so you’ll probably wonder why you should download Telegram. There are many reasons to choose this instant messaging service above the rest, and we will try to explain them to you below. Do not miss giving this app a chance that is available for both Android and iOs.

For years instant messaging applications have become really popular because with them we can send endless text messages using Wifi or a mobile data plan. In addition to messages we can also share photos, videos, GIFs, documents and much more.

Due to the great functionality of instant messaging apps, there are many in the app stores, such as Telegram, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger. Even other apps like Instagram, which is not a messaging app, have included this service. These apps keep us connected at all times, and Telegram is one of the best of them.

Should you download Telegram?

Comparing this app with the rest of the instant messaging apps we named above; Telegram is ranking first for different reasons. The first reason why you should download Telegram is that it is much safer than the rest.

As it is a new application and its security technology is being renewed every day, it is much more difficult for someone to hack the codes and have access to the messages. That is why many people who must do business and have conversations where important data is shared choose Telegram.

In addition to this, it brings very interesting options like private chats in which messages are automatically deleted on both phones if one of the users activates the option. You can delete messages that have been sent and also modify them. You can send documents, photos, videos, GIFs, stikers and more. It includes the possibility to play a lot of games in solo or with your friends in a group.

How to download Telegram?

Download Telegram is quite easy, it is available for Android and iOs on the corresponding app stores, but to make it easier we leave here the shortcuts.

Enter from your phone and press the button to install. The installation will not last more than 5 minutes. Keep in mind that the app is a bit heavy, so it is best to store it in the external memory of the phone if you do not have much internal memory capacity.

The installation will end quickly and you will soon have access to Telegram. To create your profile, you must enter your name, an alias (@yourname), and if you wish you can select a profile photo.

To finish the process you will receive a confirmation message with a number code that you must enter to verify that the phone number is real. Once confirmed the number you can start chatting with all your contacts that also have Telegram.Also you can invite the rest of them to download it. Give this new app a try and download Telegram today to your phone.

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