Tetris Blitz

Tetris has been one of those games that since 1984, with a long history of popularity has remained one of the best games worldwide. All people at some point in their lives have played or heard of him. Electronic Arts, the company in charge of this game currently has brought us a version full of surprises and fun. Download Tetris Blitz and start remembering the past with this amazing game.

Tetris Blitz is a new proposal full of entertainment and competition. EA brings us a video game that tries to create challenges within this wonderful classic. In this way we can challenge our friends and share with them the scores we reach in each of the games and levels that we find.

Download Tetris Blitz and dive into the 80s with this fun game

Keeping our brain exercised is a task; but thanks to advances in technology we have millions of apps that can help us in this and from anywhere to provide us with as much comfort as possible.

Download Tetris Blitz and enjoy this new dynamic version and try to get as many points as possible.

Within the app we will have the new option to compete against our friends. You can play to improve and get a personal record; and you can also highlight in the duels to climb the leaderboard. This app allows you to prepare for the Blitz battles and give everything to win these tournaments that have limited time.

As in the classic game, in Tetris Blitz you must form lines with each one of the falling pieces and then destroy them.

It is important to remember that the more rows you manage to break with a movement, the more points you will have. The app ensures you good hours of fun at all times; you just have to pay close attention to each of the movements.

Working to unlock the enhancers is an option that Tetris Blitz brings us. This adds a lot more excitement to the game for two minutes.

These potentiators what you get is to give you extra skills like a magnet, lasers and also a possibility to make the time of the game more durable, so you can get more points. Download Tetris Blitz and start playing this game.

How to download Tetris Blitz

Download Tetris Blitz is really easy. You can download Tetris Blitz from the App Store and Google Play for IOS and Android for free. Have a good time playing with your friends or testing players from all over the world at all times. Below we leave you the link to download Tetris Blitz.

The incredible thing about this version is that its graphics and its aesthetics have a remarkable renovation. We will have three control systems at our disposal; this will help us choose the one we think could be more accurate during the play. This option is very important, since it is what we need to get that many points we want.

Remember that you can play with your friends through Facebook or participating in the events that the game takes to get closer to other players around the world. We recommend you download Tetris Blitz and have fun to the fullest with this classic that has returned with a renewal that will impact you.

Video of Tetris Blitz
Download Tetris Blitz
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