Although there are many apps to send instant messages, text messages are still widely used and necessary. That is why we want to talk to you about Textra, a fantastic app that will allow you to have your text messages on a much more dynamic platform than Android’s default one. Download Textra right now and start enjoying everything that this fantastic app has for you.

Textra is an exclusive app for Android devices, which you can use to receive text messages. The best thing about this app is that you can customize it however you want so that it fully adapts to your style and your needs. Change the look of your chats and more to make the texting experience more fun.

If you want to know more information about this app, we recommend that you continue reading this post that we have prepared for you. Here we will explain what this app is about and how you can download Textra to start improving the way you receive and send text messages. Start using this app right now and forget about the default Android messages app.

Enjoy the best SMS app with Textra

Textra is the app that converts your text messages into instant messaging. With this app you can add a large number of functions to your text messages to make them more dynamic and useful. Take advantage of incredible tools like those available in instant messaging apps, but this time in your text messages.

With Textra you can change the format of the chats; This app has more than 100 models of text bubbles available that you can use. Customize the chats for each contact and enjoy the full Textra experience. You can also save messages and send them at a specific time, use the partial text copy option and much more.

This app will allow you to use a large number of emojis in your conversations; You will have the iOS and Android emojis available for you to use whenever you want. However, your contacts must also have the app to see these emojis.

You will not need to have an internet connection to use this app and send messages to your friends. Download Textra and discover a new way to use SMS.

How to download Textra?

If you want to start sending text messages in a more dynamic and simple way, you just have to download Textra on your mobile device. As we mentioned before, Textra is an app that is only available for Android, so you will find it on Google Play. In this post we also leave you the link so that you can download this app easily through the official store.

Textra is a completely free app and does not include optional purchases; All the functions of the app are available in its free version. Sending messages through this app costs the same as sending them from your Android’s default message app. Download Textra right now and start enjoying everything this incredible app has to offer.

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