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Are you ready to play one of the best strategy and adventure games you can find for mobile devices? We are talking about The Escapists 2, this game is the second installment of the wonderful game The Escapists, which was so acclaimed by the fans that the creators have decided to create a second part. Download The Escapists 2 right now and discover all that this wonderful game has to offer.

Do not miss the opportunity to play one of the best games for mobile devices that exists. In this amazing game you must get into the shoes of one of the criminals who have just been transferred to a maximum security prison; and your main mission will be to plan your escape. Will you be able to escape the guards and live your life away from prison?

Start playing this wonderful game right now and discover everything The Escapists 2 has to offer. You can play this fun game on your Smartphone or Tablet without any problem. Start planning your escape and be part of the large number of players in this amazing game.

Plan your escape and be the best playing The Escapists 2

To start playing you must know everything that this amazing game has for you. The Escapists 2 has incredible graphics with very adorable characters, but do not let yourself get carried away by appearances, all are criminals held in a maximum security prison. You will also be one of the inmates and you will have to plan an escape plan to escape from prison.

In order to get out of jail, you must become an amazing leader, since not only will you have to flee but you will help the other inmates to leave. The new prison of The Escapists 2 is in the middle of a jungle and you must avoid falling into the traps of the guards who just want you to be trapped forever.

To escape, you must explore the jungle to find secret passages, trees, ventilation ducts and much more. You can also play multiplayer with 3 friends to plan the great escape together.

Once you have finished the first challenge to escape from the jungle you can access other mini-games where you must escape from some famous prisons all over the world. Download The Escapists 2 right now and start playing this fun game.

How to download The Escapists 2?

If you want to start playing this game to prove that you can escape from jail, you should only download The Escapists 2 on any of your mobile devices. You can download The Escapists 2 in Google Play or App Store for Android and iOS. This is a paid app due to the large amount of details and fun things you can do in it.

At the end of this post you can find a link to download The Escapists 2 completely free. Enjoy everything this game has for you and download this game right now.


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  • Updated 26 April, 2022
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The Escapists 2

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