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If you want to have fun and join the newest trends on the internet, today we have to show you an app with which you will spend hours of fun without taking off the screen. We are talking about, the new social network where you can create and upload the funniest videos to share with your friends or with people from all over the world. Download right now and start creating videos or watching videos created by your friends. is a social network different from the others, where the protagonists are short videos created by users. Here you cannot upload photos or stories, you can only upload videos of up to 15 seconds. And the main mission will be to make your videos as fun and creative as possible. Download right now and enjoy all the tools that this app offers you so that your videos are the best.

If you want to know more information about this app, keep reading this post that we have prepared for you. Now we show you how to download and we show you how to make the most creative videos. You can take your videos and upload them to this social network or any other, so start enjoying right now.

Create the funniest videos using

If what you want is to have fun at home, is one of the apps you should have on your mobile device. With this fantastic app you can make funny videos of up to 15 seconds long, but you can add hundreds of filters to make your video unique and fun. Start enjoying this app right now, create videos or have fun watching and sharing users' videos. offers you an excellent video editor, where you can cut and combine frames to create the perfect video. You can also play with the hundreds of filters that this app has for you; from beauty filters to funny filters to distort your face or voice. The best thing is that you can combine different filters within the same video. You'll find fun options for audio dubbing, so get ready to recreate your favorite scenes.

When you start using this app, you can have fun watching famous videos in your area to find people to follow. You can share the videos you find or create on other social networks. Download and enjoy everything that this fantastic app has for you.

How to download

To start having fun with, all you have to do is download the app on your mobile device. Download right now on your Smartphone or Tablet through Google Play and the App Store for Android and iOS devices respectively. At the end of this post we will leave you a link to download this app on any of your devices.

You will need internet to access, so we recommend having a wifi connection. is a perfect app for the whole family; start playing with filters and create the best and funniest videos with this app.


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