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Finding an entertaining game, with eye-catching graphics and that also has incredible music can be a great challenge but not an impossible task. This is why you must download Time Jump on your Smartphone.

Video games have evolved within their genres due to technology; and that's why it has become a task to find what once a basic characteristic was.

Within the world of video games there is a classic style that was the protagonist for many years and is called the Arcade style; which was characterized by including simplicity and fun in their games.

If your question is, what kind of game can I get with this genre? We will tell you here.

Time Jump you can fly to the past and live a different gaming experience

The video game Time Jump is a great game full of quality. When you start playing you will find modern and fascinating visuals; and scenes full of neon colors and brightness will catch you in the second one. We recommend you download Time Jump and surprise yourself in a game full of pure rhythm.

As we mentioned at the beginning, Arcade games have been popular since the beginning of videogames. An example of this is the most popular Pacman. This time, Time Jump is our biggest recommendation of this genre.

You will find a simple design, despite the modernity of the graphics, easy controls to learn to be tactile; also short levels, a speed that will increase the difficulty and some interruptions between levels; all these features of games of this style.

When you download Time Jump you can enjoy a game accompanied by an electronic music that follows the timing of our movements. The objective of this video game is very simple; and is to cross through the greater number of stages obtaining extra points or in this case coins.

When starting a game you will have only one avatar available to use, this has been a kind of rabbit. You must manage to make it jump inside a small space where your only obstacle will be a few clock hands that move at different times.

Following the rhythm of the music can be good advice to follow when giving your jumps. You can control the time in each of your movements if you wish; since this way you will control if you jump to avoid the hands or to jump on any of them and touch them intentionally.

If your avatar manages to jump on a hand you can add points and coins. The coins allow you to unlock new characters with new abilities. Remember that each level or stage will modify its difficulty, the movement of the hands and the amount of them.

How to download Time Jump?

We recommend this game from the developer Ketchapp Company that promises guaranteed fun. You can download Time Jump from the App Store and Google Play for IOS and Android for free. Below we leave the link to download Time Jump.

When you download Time Jump you can link it with Google Play to compete with other users and position yourself within the results tables with the best score.

Have fun with this game full of good music that catches without a doubt and exceeds the laws of physics with your best jumps.


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Time Jump

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