It has happened to all of us that we have days when we only start to remember things from the past. This kind of things have become a little easier thanks to technology and specifically to social media. For this you can download TimeHop and start reliving the past.

Thanks to the internet we do not have to simply remember, we can go directly to the moment; of course, if there is record of it in digital format. That is why social networks and now certain apps allow us to go directly to a memory through the publications that have been made of that moment. Download TimeHop to discover this amazing app.

Timehop ​​is a time machine in your Smartphone

Who would not like to have a time machine? I think everybody would love to be able to travel to specific times in the past. Timehop ​​is an app that has a similar function and is to transport its users to different dates in the past through previous publications on social media.

You can link this app with your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Swarm, Dropbox accounts; and you can also access the photo gallery of your mobile device. All this in order to search daily for a photo of the past for each social network you choose to choose; and thus be able to surprise you with this series of memories.

The dates of the posts chosen by Timehop ​​may vary; it can teach you a tweet from a year ago or it can choose a Facebook post from 4 years ago. Also, the app will choose a news and a video that have been of great importance in different past years.

The app in addition to showing you your old post, gives you a brief informative summary; it shows you in what social network you published that post, the time it was published, the amount of likes and comments you had, among other things.

How to download TimeHop?

You can download TimeHop ​​on Google Play and the App Store for Android and IOS for free. You no longer need to search for those photo albums and spend hours checking to find that day where you had so much fun a few years ago. Apps like TimeHop ​​surprise you by saving all your time in the simplest way. Below we leave the link to download Timehop.

An amazing option that you can use to add fun to your post from the past is found in the sharing tool. By choosing this you can select the option before and now; it divides the screen in two, place your photo of the past of the left side and let you take a picture of the present. This way you will get a kind of collage and you can make a comparison of the past to the present.

Timehop ​​has a series of reminders for you to enter the app and be surprised. Have daily reminders directly on your mobile or you can choose the notification directly in your email. This app is an excellent option for all who want to keep those memories alive and share them with our friends and family. Download TimeHop right now.

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