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The platform for learning languages ​​Duolingo has become one of the most popular worldwide. And it is one of the most downloaded due to its incredible modality to teach a new vocabulary. Download TinyCards to take your Duolingo experience to the fullest.

There are many apps that are released and received by users in a great way; and these come back with updates or surprises that certainly leave us wanting a lot more.

This happened with Duolingo and that is why he brings us his new app called Tinycards. This app combines fun and learning in one place.

TinyCards brings us a great variety of content with different modalities so that we can learn easily and quickly. Download Tinycards and amazing with this new playful element implemented.

Tinycards is an ideal app to create quick studio cards

Upon entering the app we will find a series of cards that will help us to memorize any type of information about different topics that we can choose.

The lessons or units are short, since it is the modality with which it has always been characterized when working the platform. The objective of each lesson is to memorize the cards that are presented to us.

The game mode is quite simple. The user will have to visualize the cards very well, memorize the information that is present there and then have to remember it perfectly. In this way we will give correct answers that will allow us to advance the level of our lessons.

The lessons when downloading Tinycards are very interesting. We will have topics such as artistic movements, Japanese course, emotions in English, the human body, the house in Italian, flags in America, basic Japanese, and possessive adjectives in English / Spanish, among others.

This makes the app adapt to the interests of anyone to make their learning much more fun and interesting.

We will have the option of not only taking lessons but of creating them and publishing them so other users can have access to them. For this the user must create their own letters; this by carrying out a dynamic and simple process to be carried out on any mobile device you have.

How to download Tinycards?

You can download this app in the App Store and in Google Play for IOS and Android for free. With only a few minutes a day inside the app you can learn from video game characters to the names of all the Pokémons and the capitals of the world. All this in a short time. Below we leave the link to download Tinycards.

In Tinycards you will have options between 200,000 cards with different themes so that your desire to learn on any subject is at your fingertips. You can solve each unit at your own time, when and where you want without pressure. The app does not work with some time that press the user when answering.

There is no doubt that the resource implemented within this app is interesting and striking to help us memorize the writing and pronunciation of different words from different languages. We recommend you download TinyCards if your goal is to learn one or more languages ​​easily from your mobile phone at the time that suits you.

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