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EA always surprises us with great success in the video game industry. This time brings us one of action in the first person. We can enjoy the action mixed with titans, this makes the game has a lot of variety within its genre. We will find a lot of information about this universe and everything that composes it. Download Titanfall Companion for free right now.

The game will give us the option to know about our characters, weapons, maps and not just general information; we can know about our character.

Review our statistics in each game is something that excites us all to be aware of our evolution, from the weapons that I use most and even the hours it has taken you to play. Download Titanfall Companion to start enjoying this game.

Use Titanfall Companion to enjoy all of this game

When downloading Titanfall Companion we will have a few features that your players will appreciate. If you have already started playing, you can transform your mobile device into a second screen. You can see the information of your game in real time, like the map where you are with your enemies.

This second screen option will not only show us the map in which we are located; you can also interact to know information about other battles that are happening with your teammates.

In this app you can have information about everything you need. If you want to know about the rankings and scales based on your points you can do it.

If you want to know about the entire Titanfall universe. The app also brings an encyclopedia to familiarize you to the fullest. By knowing all the details of this game and its history, maps and weapons, you can make better decisions in your games. Most Titanfall fans will take advantage of these features to the fullest to achieve the goal.

It is important to remember that this app will be very helpful if you are already playing Titanfall; since its objective is to function as an extra tool to the game to enhance your strategies.

By playing on your console or other mobile device you can download Titanfall Companion and maximize your movements; how to use the second screen to view the map on your mobile, as we discussed earlier.

How to download Titanfall Companion

You can download Titanfall Companion in the App Store and in Google Play for IOS and Android for free.

Discover and enjoy this action genre with innovative features and get into balanced and extremely varied combats in which you can be a soldier or a titan. Below we leave you the link to download Titanfall Companion.

Use this app will not be essential to play; but it is true that for fans of this game or simply for those who want to maximize their experience and improve their strategies, this app has been a great opportunity.

We recommend you download EA's Titanfall Companion so that you can become the best player in this universe.

Enjoy Titanfall and enter that wonderful post apocalyptic world. Learn to dominate these giant titans and become the best soldier. If you want to know much more about the war zone called The Frontier and about the IMC and Militia, download Titanfall Companion and know everything about this fight.

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Titanfall Companion

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