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If your goal at this time is to practice your fluency in speaking and listening to English; or perfecting writing or mainly preparing to take the TOEFL or another test that measures your level of English, we recommend you to download Toefl Infinite.

This is an app that gives you different modalities to familiarize yourself with the TOEFL test format; how to practice fluency when responding and listening under the pressure of a timer. It lets you listen to your response audios in certain activities so you can find your weaknesses when pronouncing and so you can improve it.

When you downloading Toefl Infinite you can start your preparation and plan your own schedules to study daily; since it is an app that you can use from anywhere. Go ahead and measure your level of English. Put all your effort so that you can present and pass this test.

Prepare for your English tests with Toefl Infinite

Toefl Infinite is an app with a friendly presentation at first sight. When you enter the app for the first time, the main page shows you all the activities you can start using.

From the section to talk where you have 20 minutes to complete the tasks; to the section to read, where you have a time measured by a stopwatch to read a text and then answer a number of questions.

If you download Toefl Infinite you will also have access to the Feed section within the app; where you can read several articles, tips and suggestions about how to improve your English and your preparation for the Toefl exam.

This app will help you improve or improve your level of English; will bring you closer to the structure of the actual exam. This will give you much more confidence when presenting any English exam you decide to take.

Toefl Infinite is a free app, but the section to practice different tests is blocked. If you decide to take any of these you must make an extra payment.

Make the decision to continue learning English. This app as well as preparing you for one of the most important exams, can help you to practice another language without losing practice.

To refresh the meaning of words that you do not remember, with just entering the vocabulary section you can find 20 levels with more than 50 words accompanied by their meaning and pronunciation.

How to download Toefl Infinite?

You can download Curiosity on any of your iOS and Android devices through the App Store and Google Play stores. To use this app you must have data or internet connection.

Do not forget to take advantage of this incredible app full of important information for your personal and professional growth. Now we leave you the Link to download this app.

Download Toefl Infinite and have fun learning. Take advantage of each of the sections, exercises and corrections that are inside for you.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes because you can repeat the activities as many times as you want until you manage to overcome each of them. Toefl Infinite will surprise you with its amount of information and dynamism, so run to download it and do not waste any more time.


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Toefl Infinite

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