Toon Cup 2018

Toon Cup 2018

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Toon Cup 2018

If you are a Cartoon Network fan and you like soccer, we recommend an app that will let you have the best of both. The soccer world cup has reached this television channel as the 2018 toon Cup to bring you your favorite characters in incredible matches where they will use all their powers. Download Copa Toon 2018 right now.

When you download Copa Toon 2018 you can choose your own team, the country you want to represent, the captain and play to defend your goal and score the best goals.

Take into account each skill of your characters as they will be part of your team. So do not overlook any of the powers that each one has.

How to play Copa toon 2018?

When you start the game you will have the option to choose the players you want to be part of your team. You will have among these Ben 10, Gumball, the powerpuff girls, current stories, Teen Titans Go, scandalous, among others. Choosing your team is an easy task but we should not pay attention to it.

When viewing the characters we should pay close attention to the statistics that are present there. If we do this we will know if each character adapts to our game mode. Some of the skills you should pay attention to is the speed, power and effectiveness of each one.

If you manage to build a balanced team that stands out in each of these skills you can solve every moment of the game without problem. We know that choosing our favorite characters will be a temptation but here we leave you the techniques to achieve a better play.

After having your team, the game will ask you to choose the country for which you want to play in this cup. You will have the option of having a world team if you do not want to play for a specific country, you choose. Each minute of the game is extremely important even though each part lasts two minutes.

You must stay alert throughout the game, as there are no breaks in the 2018 toon Cup. So do not sing victory until the last second because you will have to take care of your opponent so that he will not be able to position himself near your archery at any time.

Our advice is that you try to make the most goals in the first games to gain an advantage.

How to download Copa Toon 2018?

You can play and download Copa Toon 2018 from the App Store and on Google Play for IOS and Android for free. Try to win as many games to receive enough coins and you can unlock more characters that you love. Below we leave the link to download Copa Toon 2018.

Something wonderful to download the 2018 Copa Toon is that if we feel we are losing our game, the game will help us by leaving some blue boxes along the field. These boxes contain special attacks in order to have more chances to use these attacks against our opponent and take advantage of it.

Video of Toon Cup 2018
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