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Every good movie and TV fan knows that keeping track of the things you have seen is essential to not forget any of the amazing movies or series. This is why today we want to recommend an amazing app that will allow you to keep a very organized record of everything you’ve seen on TV or in the movies lately. Download TV Time and start using this amazing tool right now.

With this great app you can start organizing all the things you’ve seen on TV or movies, and you can even start adding alarms so you never run out of something to see. With this great app you can start enjoying your movies and series in a more organized way. So every time someone asks you for a recommendation you will know exactly what to recommend.

Keep reading this post to discover everything TV Time has to offer. This amazing app will be the solution for the organizational problems of movie and TV lovers. Even if you are a fan of streaming movie and series apps, you can place the things you have seen on this fabulous list.

Organize your TV shows, series and movies easily

If you are a lover of movies and series, and also like to keep track of everything you’ve seen, TV Time will be the ideal app for you. With this amazing app you can have a detailed list of all the things you have seen on TV or the cinema to not forget any.

A very common problem of moviegoers is that when they ask us for a recommendation we completely forget all the movies we have seen. This will not happen anymore when you download TV Time. You will be able to enter all the movies you have seen and these will be saved with your poster and the rating you want to give it. You can even add comments to find out if you liked the movie, TV show or series.

But this is not all you can do with TV Time. You can also create alarms to not miss the shows you like on TV. This function will be very good for those who still love watching movies or TV series. Create an alarm easily and do not run out of watching the programs you like. Enjoy right now everything that this fabulous app has for you.

How to download TV Time?

If you want to start enjoying all the options that this app has for you, do not miss the opportunity to download TV Time. Right now you can get this app in Google Play for Android and in App Store for iOS. At the end of this post you will also see the links to download this app directly.

TV Time is a free app for everyone, so don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this amazing tool. Create a detailed list of your favorite movies or everything you’ve seen on TV to keep track of it.

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TV Time

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