Haven’t gotten around to downloading Twitter yet? Well, a little bird told me you can download Twitter right now using the button up there. Twitter is one of the top popular social networks. Believe it or not, it began as a little blogging website, then grew into an important communication app.

Nowadays, it is mostly used as a breaking news source. All in 140 characters or less, of course. You can share a tweet, status update, jokes, an image, location, GIF or poll. And you can use the Hashtag in Twitter to post your tweets with a relevant word or phrase.

Twitter is so easy to use. Millions of people use it every day to share jokes, news, links, pictures and most of all: arguments. You can find friends by syncing Twitter with your phone’s contacts, so you can see which of them are using Twitter.

Unless you make your profile on Twitter private, only your followers can see your posts; but anyone can see anything you tweet. Private direct messages to other Twitter users is possible. But you can only send messages to one of your followers, or you can adjust the settings to allow anyone on Twitter to send you messages.

If you hashtag something, just click on it to see all the tweets from around the world with that hashtag. Using a hashtag often enough at the same time makes a ‘Trend’ on Twitter. Additionally, you can start a poll question on Twitter, find what is trending and get the latest updates of whatever interests you. Also, you can allow Twitter to tailor trends for you, or by location.

And now, you can share 140 seconds of video on Twitter, add your location, and tweet a GIF; which is a moving image, and you have a library of a few GIFs to start with.

Here are more features of Twitter that make your life easier: you can delete location (good for privacy), add multiple accounts using one single email address, time your mobile alerts, schedule your tweets (great for marketing), embed your tweets, create keyboard shortcuts, filter search results, use a period before @mention to make it appear in the feeds of all your followers, etc.

How to download Twitter

For Android devices, just click the “download Twitter” button at the top of this post to send the app directly to your device. Just tap the button, and when the download is complete, you will receive a notification. Tap the notification bar to go to the file, and tap “install”.

If you are using a PC to download Twitter from our site, click the same download button to send the app to your PC. Once the download is complete, transfer the file to your device via cable or Bluetooth. Then, use a File Manager app to locate the file on your Android device, tap the file to install, and VOILA! Easy as pie. Just make sure you have “unknown sources” enabled before trying to install the file.

If you are using an Apple iOS device, you need to go visit your App Store directly from your device. Search for Twitter and tap Download; once the download is complete, you can start your Tweeting adventures. If you are using your Mac or PC to download Twitter to your iOS device, you need to enter the App Store through iTunes. Simply search for the app and download it; then, connect your device via cable and synchronize it with iTunes. If you have set your iCloud sharing settings properly, iCloud will synchronize your devices with your iTunes account via Wi-Fi connection.

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