Unfold is here to stay as one of the most famous apps in terms of editing. This app works mainly for the edition of stories on Instagram. Download Unfold on your smartphone now.

This is an app that lets you customize your stories with many options. The design that Unfold shares is minimalist, classic and elegant; hundreds of influencers in social networks have been responsible for promoting this app; to the point of becoming one of the most downloaded.

When you download Unfold you will find all kinds of designs that relate to you. It allows us to share from photographs to videos within the same story thanks to the versatility of their designs.

We recommend you download Unfold and edit your stories and customize them to your style. Have fun, take out your creative side, show your photographs with a more professional model and surprise your users.

Unfold is an excellent tool to get the best of Instagram

The graphical interface of Unfold is simple; When you enter the app, it takes you directly to upload the photo you want to mount on your storie to start your edition. By selecting your photo, you can name this file.

At this time the app will show you all the templates you have available for free and pay. The creativity in these editions will play a fundamental role.

Most templates allow you to add a text and a title to give information in your story if you would like. These texts can be edited in size, color, spaces, fonts and thickness.

Download Unfold is to maximize the end of your posts. You can share all the information you need with the help of these templates. The templates that allow you to upload a video and a photo in the same Storie let you turn your story into something fun to watch.

The dynamic stories are what set the trend now adding their quality, their design that is identified with people.

In the Unfold paid store you will find Premium templates, you can see these packages in the previews. This will give you the complete freedom to choose whether to make your purchase or not.

To upload these stories to your Instagram you can do it directly from the app; or you can download them to your Smartphone and then manually upload them from the gallery.

How to download Unfold?

You can download Unfold by going to the App Store or Google Play for iOS and Android for free. Take out the artist inside you and make your social networks a place to enjoy good content that makes you fall in love and invite you to continue enjoying. Below we leave the link to download Unfold.

Download Unfold and become an influencer highlighting all your style. Enjoy an application full of style and good taste so that your posts have nothing to envy to others.

Do not let your stories get lost in the monotonous, give life to those incredible moments that you want to share with a nice design in plain sight of anyone. Turn your style into something that people recognize just by seeing it.

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