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The UNO card game has been one of the most popular worldwide; and it is currently maintained as the preferred one in meetings to compete with friends and family. Download UNO and play from your Smartphone.

This game has not stopped growing and arriving in different presentations. Now thanks to technology we can enjoy this wonderful game from our mobile device.

UNO is now available on our mobile screens; and we can also synchronize it with Facebook to compete with another 45 million players.

This new option to play with your friends has made the game does not stop growing and that’s why we recommend you to download UNO have fun at all times.

Do not stop playing UNO online with your friends from your smartphone

The app brings us a renewed game full of missions and challenges so that users do not stop having fun. Within the app we can participate in celebrations and tournaments related to special days worldwide. You can enjoy new forms of game as is the classic style accompanied by those rules that we all know.

Apart from the classic game mode you have at your disposal the way to bet everything or nothing. Here you will see letters that let you eliminate a complete color of the game and even establish new rules. One of the best game modes is the so-called room mode. Here you can invite your friends and set your own rules.

In the mode called 2×2 mode, you can add a friend to team up and compete with another pair. The best thing about this game is that it motivates you thanks to its tournaments and special events that contain a ranking and reward table. Go Wild mode allows you to play without any limits; here you can lose or win everything in a game.

Surely you will ask yourself, how to shout ONE? It is very simple, the app allows you through a chat to talk with your family or friends and say UNO at the time of having only one letter. The best thing about these chats is that they allow you to create strategies to win with your friends; or just give them encouragement during a game.

How to download UNO?

You can download UNO for Smartphone in the App Store and in Google Play for iOS and Android for free. Join the path of technology and take advantage of playing these classics of your childhood from your mobile at all times. Below we leave the link to download UNO.

When you download UNO you can join by finding a friend and playing in 2×2 mode. Here they can help each other to get the hand with fewer letters as fast as they can; and thus defeat their opponents. Remember that you can play many games in real time and compete in these special events at any time.

Download UNO and get the best ranking in the standings and send your friends that you are the best in this popular game. We recommend this app to have a good time with your friends at any time, either in a meeting, during a free time in classes or even with your family one night.

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